J Tizzle: “Transition” strikes a balance between great composition, compelling basslines and impeccable sound design

J Tizzle (Jeffery Townsend Sr.) was born in South Bend, In. He began producing music in 2004 and over the years has compiled a variety of music. Music has been a love of J Tizzle since the first time he played his parent’s records on his Snoopy record player. He was hooked ever since. J Tizzle describes his sound as Hip-Hop inspired World Fusion.  He is also well versed in Trance/Ambient and even pulls in Classical elements and themes into his productions.

j-tizzle-coverWith two previous releases under his belt, the debut album “Cosmic Journey” (2014) and the EP “The Chill Zone Vol. 1” (2015), J Tizzle has just dropped another EP, entitled “Transition”. The EP is rarely formulaic, often emotional, and always catchy. It’s by far one of the most sophisticated electronic music records of the year and heralds a bright future for the artist. Set to almost completely flow from one song to the next the EP is a cohesive unit that doesn’t drag you along for the ride, but coaxes you into the spirit of wondering where it’s going next.

J Tizzle has a real gift for building refreshing electronic productions that span styles. The cuts “Outer Limits” and “Distant Quest” are powerful infectious hooks and the arrangement for “Body Talk” just never gets old. The tracks just unfold and reveal new charms with every listen as J Tizzle strikes a balance between great composition, compelling basslines and impeccable sound design.

J-Tizzle-300Though I prefer songs with vocals, this is an overall wonderful listen. J Tizzle brings a lot to the table. His technique is solid, and the music itself is at times epic, at other times soulful and inspiring. This EP is absolutely fantastic, and dare I say defining in the broad term of ‘electronica’ or any sort of synthesizer/electro-driven music. I get the feeling that J Tizzle is distancing himself from the stereotype of DJ/remixer and 4-on-the-floor house beats with this recording. He delivers a gorgeous, crisp production with a wide variety of sounds and effects that are dripping with heart and soul. While the EP isn’t overly complex or grandiose – the tracks span a range of emotions from inspirational to playful and anthemic.

The best thing about purchasing an Electronic album like “Transition” these days is you are buying one of the purist forms of musical artistry available today. Electronic music in general is touched by a limited number of individuals and in most cases is under total direction, from start to finish, by the original artist, in this case J Tizzle. If you are into the electronic scene and are looking to expand your horizon, this is a definite must have. “Transition” is a very mentally stimulating album that will make you feel at peace and even a bit happy listening to it.


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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