Italian-based Producer Rewind, shares his new EP “Wish I could call you mine”

“Wish I could call you mine” is the new EP by Rewind in collaboration with Addict. It was released on November, 5th.

Angelo Pio Bagordo known as Rewind is a music producer and artist from Taranto (Italy). He started playing the piano at the age of 12, and after 3 years of study he began his career producing hip-hop tracks. In 2020, during the lockdown, he decided to create his lo-fi/pop project “Rewind” supported by Addict., which in a short time, has been very successful.

After the success of 2020, with over 10 Million streams all across the world with his productions and lo-fi/pop beats, now comes the EP by Rewind in collaboration with Addict, entitled “Wish I could call you mine”. There are four tracks, including the unreleased “Tokyo”, which offer a slight change of direction, to a delicate and refined pop, combined with the sound that characterizes them, the attention to detail and even more communicative intention.

Many of the tracks born from this collaboration have been included in a lot of playlists. In particular, “Have you ever been in love?” has recently been added to the Spotify Lo-fi Indie playlist and selected by the bootleg boy, one of the most important containers of lo-fi/pop songs which has almost four and a half million subscribers.

The whole project has a common thread delineated by the instrument that stands out most in the EP: The Ukulele. This instrument, linked to the summer, has some melancholic shades, just like the structure of the EP. It tells all the steps of a summer love that unfortunately sometimes doesn’t work. ‘Wish I could call you mine’ starts with falling in love together with pop rhythms and it gradually slows down becoming more experimental according to disillusion.

The EP was written, produced and mixed by Addict. and Rewind. The cover artwork was created by Andrea Kiara Macchia.

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