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Hitman Luciano: Do It Like (prod. Da Track4merz & EQ) – a full-on banger that you can nod your head and ride out to!

Hitman Luciano was born and raised in Culmore, Virginia and moved to Woodbridge, Virginia at the age of 13. Luciano first started writing at the age of 16 and was influenced by legends like 2pac, Nas, Outkast, and future legends such as Kanye, J Cole, and Los. At the age of 23 Luciano decide to give Hip Hop a shot and is currently working on his EP.

In the meantime Hitman Luciano has dropped the single, Do It Like (prod. Da Track4merz & EQ). His teaming up with producers Da Track4merz & EQ, adds sheen to the beat and lifts the production value.  Hitman delivers the track with a sing-song pop-rap style, but he shows he has a smooth flow and solid uplifting rhymes.

Hitman Luciano in the studio
Hitman Luciano in the studio

This is a full-on banger that you can nod your head and ride out to with ease. So don’t go looking for deep, conscious lyrics, just join the fun and the feel-good vibe Hitman Luciano brings to this track. As previously mentioned the production is nearly flawless and even on a fun track like Do It Like (prod. Da Track4merz & EQ), Hitman raps from the heart with passion and intensity like he’s never satisfied and that’s when the best music shines through.

There is no doubt that this track has a catchy, commercial mainstream stamp on it, and quite seriously folks, there’s nothing wrong with that. People think that all hip-hop music which is commercially viable or ear-candy to most listeners is equal to a ‘sellout’, because the artist doesn’t sound like his hustling on the underground or on the streets. Absolute bull, some artists are just smarter than that and know you have to make the people happy first to obtain enough fame so you can do what you want later and people will listen to you.

One listen to Dedication proves that Hitman Luciano has built-in, eclectic creativity and a fine musical ear. Moreover, the dude can rap and play with words at will!

All-in-all Do It Like (prod. Da Track4merz & EQ) is a real catchy track, and a great calling card for Hitman Luciano’s performing talents. It’s hard to tell where Hitman will go from here, as he is just getting into gear. But it does seem like he’s up for the challenge, which is a damn good thing. If he is ambitious enough, I have no doubt the game will be waiting to hear what he can deliver next!


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