Heart Dance Records announces “reJAMinate” – a music-based wellness retreat in Puerto Morelos, MX

This coincides with the signing of their newest artist, Eddy Ruyter, keyboardist for pop icons Shawn Mendes, John Mayer, and more.

Heart Dance Records, the acclaimed woman-owned New Age record label, takes the next step in their journey to bring healing, well-being, and restoration to audiences around the world through reJAMinate, a wellness retreat and music festival in scenic Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

With a roster of over 70 artists, many repeatedly charting on Billboard, coupled with collaborations for calming and sound healing in hospitals, by yogis, on SiriusXM, in hotels, and massage therapists, Heart Dance Records has made a prominent name for itself in the world of wellness music. Founded and led by award-winning flutist Sherry Finzer, Heart Dance Records’ music has successfully connected with listeners and aided them in the pursuit of peace. In Finzer’s words, Heart Dance was created to “help the world heal,” and they are well on their way to achieving that goal.

Following the social disconnect felt by millions through the years of COVID-19, Heart Dance Records recognized the need of many to venture beyond engaging with music and sound healing through their home speakers and to begin doing so together, as a community. Enter reJAMinate, the brainchild of Finzer and her team. Partnering with Vacation Jams, Heart Dance Records has brought together an all-star cast of musicians with a lineup of activities and concerts to bring healing, peace, and connectivity to people from all walks of life.

The reJAMinate festival boasts regular performances both on the beachfront and rooftops, as well as engaging opportunities for healing. Hosted by The Fives Oceanfront resort, the festival features yoga classes, sound therapy, a full-service spa, and opportunities for limitless social interaction, reJAMinate creates the optimal environment for individuals to reconnect with themselves and form a meaningful community with others. Located just 15 miles south of Cancún and located directly on the white sands that edge against the crystal clear turquoise waters, The Fives Oceanfront is a full-service resort, with 2 on-site restaurants, 3 on-site bars, a private chef, fitness center, and more to enable festival guests to holistically rejuvenate before, during, and after the events each day.

Heart Dance Records has listed a roster of powerful new age headliners for the week-long festival, showcasing artists such as Ivan Teixeira, Kristen Miller, Majestica, and founder Sherry Finzer herself. Notably, the billing includes Heart Dance Records’ newest addition, keyboardist Eddy Ruyter.

Ruyter’s career is star-studded and interwoven with some of the most beloved names in contemporary music. Having worked in the studio and on the road with pop star Shawn Mendes, played legendary venues and events including the GRAMMYs and Saturday Night Live, and performed alongside a myriad of icons including Camila Cabello, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Khalid, and many more, Ruyter is truly a master of collaboration and stylistic flexibility.

Now, under his own name and with the team at Heart Dance Records, Ruyter is striding forward to impact, transform, and heal audiences. “It was my goal to create something that might provide others the same sense of comfort and belonging that I’ve been able to feel,” Ruyter says. “If something I create can have even a portion of the impact on someone else that music has had on my life, then that’s far more than I could ever ask for.”

Moving forward, Ruyter seeks to continually create new music, collaborate with like-minded artists, and create beauty in the lives of others. This goal is already being realized on two fronts. The first is found in his upcoming EP, “Lost in a Trance.” Featuring an anthology of Ruyter’s original music, “Lost in a Trance” is rooted in a variety of emotions and experiences that moved Ruyter and are sure to do so to audiences. The second front has found its expression in the reJAMinate festival, and Ruyter’s role in it. “Music has always been an escape for me, a kind of therapy,” Ruyter explains. “The moment I first discovered Heart Dance Records, I could see that this team embodied everything that I aimed to achieve through my music.”

 As Ruyter and the Heart Dance Records team collaborate to create the optimal experience for music and healing with reJAMinate, Ruyter can’t help but express his enthusiasm. “I’ve been staying up late thinking through transitions, interludes, and new ways to approach my songs. I can’t wait to share them with a live audience!”

The reJAMinate festival will run from October 15th to 20th, 2023 in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Tickets are available for purchase online at rejaminatefest.com.

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