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Hazy Dreams: “Venetian Sunset” has an elusive individualistic signature

UK Composer, Instrumentalist and Producer, Hazy Dreams is currently promoting his latest single, “Venetian Sunset”. I must admit that I am fan of Hazy Dreams and virtually all of his work. Every one of his tracks has its qualities and while I have favorite songs I generally like them all. That being said I have to say that “Venetian Sunset” is one of Hazy Dreams’ best releases to date. It is very different sounding from the last release, “Journey To Paradise” probably because of the change in lead instrument, which this time is trusted to my all-time favorite instrument – the guitar.

Hazy Dreams is a most diverse musician and certainly one of the most difficult to classify in modern music. So how does anybody who wants to listen to his music find a way in when the songs are so very different? The answer, for many, will be “Venetian Sunset”. This track has so many of Hazy Dreams’ trademarks mixed in. Above all, he has an elusive individualistic signature in all of his music that is almost impossible to describe. It’s like a scent. It runs through this music strongly: it’s pure Hazy Dreams.

The single cover artwork
The single cover artwork

The music mixes in orchestral, electronica, rock, and a range of ambient styles. Into this mesmerizing core Hazy Dream drains his majestic guitar work. Fluid bass lines accompany expansive and relaxed passages and there is frequent application of real attitude in the guitar work that welds perfectly with the mood of the melodic piece.

The sign of a very diverse musician is that he can surprise some of his listeners all the time, and Hazy Dreams certainly does that. But it is consistent with his artistic integrity as he moves from anything between pop to classical or rock to electronic minimalism arrangements, still each track grows on listeners as their ears peel back the layers and find magic beneath the surface of whatever clothes Hazy Dreams has adopted with each new incarnation.

On “Venetian Sunset”, Hazy Dreams demonstrates touches of purity and simplicity with his guitar and keyboard work. Simplicity is one of his virtues. But he turns the special powers on for awesomely constructing melody in this track. Hazy Dreams is such an uncompromising individual that he writes, plays, records, engineers and produces everything himself. His individualism means he may be an acquired taste, but he is very accessible on the ear, so this track is quick to make an impression!


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