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Giulio Nightfall – the blending of technical wizardry, classical harmony and blistering blues showmanship

Giulio Nightfall is a guitarist, composer, poet, writer and Italian Luthier (most of his albums released were recorded with self-built guitars). Born in Treviso,Italy, he showed creative imagination and determination in different artistic fields from an early age. Giulio writes and composes his own music in which he alternates moments of carefree tenderness and moments of dark powerful pure rock.

Giulio Nightfall
Giulio Nightfall

The contrasts that generates his music is wrapped in a mystery of light and darkness, which traces a path of perpetual dualism that humanity lives every day; where love often clashes with hatred, tenderness with coldness, fragility with strength and tears with a smile.

But Giulio Nightfall is not only a performer artist and songwriter who has composed for himself and many other emerging groups. Experiencing a strong passion for writing poetry during 2007 he also decided to approach novel writing, and has since become a published author of both. It was during this time that living emotions and transmitting them, became a real dependence for Giulio; inducing him to begin a journey of personal studies in psychology, Neuro-linguistic-programming and positive thinking, through research and analysis of over 107 books.

Giulio is also a passionate Luthier. The particular characteristic of his guitars being, that they have no paint, so the wood is left full freedom of movement for a more natural sound.  In less than two years after his debut release, Giulio had released another 10 albums bringing attention to his creative energy without limits, in both his music and creative writing activities.

Until recently most of his albums are have been fully self-performed and produced, whereas the last two albums feature several international artists -either handling vocals, lyrics or drum parts.

Recently we managed to get got hold of two albums by Giulio Nightfall, namely “New Happy Blues Rock Experience” and “Angels”, to savor the essence and performance of his music.

Unlike many blues albums that are being released today, “New Happy Blues Rock Experience” is not an album full of covers of blues standards. Don’t get me wrong: I love hearing the various interpretations of blues standards by many artists. I don’t get tired of them. However, when some new blues shows up on my radar, I scramble my auditory jet sensors and intercept the new tunes with a vengeance.


Every tune on this album is a treat to listen to and is deserving of multiple slaps of the repeat button. Its chock full of fresh blues tunes and played as it should be played.

“New Happy Blues Rock Experience” is a fabulous blues album. Tradition is observed in the musical form, but Giulio Nightfall delivers his own artistic twists and turns with plenty of emotion and some great personal touches. His playing is excellent, with many strong riffs and soaring solos, especially on “My Girlfriend”, “Sex On the Burning Beach”, Sleeping In The Storm” and “Flying On The See III”. What I like about this album is the great mix of classic and modern-styled sounding blues.

Giulio Nightfall
Giulio Nightfall

Moving onto “Angels”, we uncover a more technical Giulio Nightfall, who does however play with a good deal of feel and emotion on this album. His love and enthusiasm for making music shows through in everything he plays here. And of course, at this point in his career, he is moving towards being a guitar virtuoso of the highest order.

“Angels” contains 10-tracks including interpretations of popular classics like “Amazing Grace”, “Over The Rainbow”, “Ave Maria” and “Greensleeves”. “Adagio in Gmin”  in particular, is chock full of death defying scale runs and sweep arpeggios and features some classic themes and variations that any guitarist could easily fall in love with, listening to Giulio. Coupled with a strong sense of classical harmony and rock inspired phrasing, Giulio Nightfall’s playing is also exemplified by his virtuosity on tracks like “Rock Adrenaline” and “Flying On The Sea II”.

I would definitely recommend both albums as an excellent overall example of the blending of technical wizardry, classical harmony and blistering blues showmanship that is present in Giulio Nightfall’s playing and musical composition.

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