Future Plan Digital announces the release of the single “Change” by Future Plan

The co-founder of Future Plan Digital, Future Plan, has announced the release of his latest single “Change”, a driving and intoxicating blend of progressive and melodic house, perfect for those late night DJ sets. The song brings forth a graceful, emotional vocal that puts us in touch us with the echoing guitar interludes, and the song’s vibrant underbelly, powered by a throbbing bassline frolicking with the thumping drums in an active construct.

Being a multi-instrumentalist – who plays guitar, bass and sings – producer and mixing/mastering engineer Future Plan’s songs have always been inspired by the voice of inner freedom, and supported by the jazz, blues and rock roots of his initial steps in music. Future Plan has been releasing tracks in the deep-house and dance music genres for several years. Some of his previous, well-loved releases are “Winding Night”, “And You” and “What Have You Done”.

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