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From Durham, North Carolina comes “The New Funk King” – YN3

Pop music finally has its savior and he goes by the name YN3. Not since Michael Jackson has the Pop genre had such a powerful voice. But ironically this isn’t the typical soft “Bubble Gum Pop” that you’re used to hearing on a regular basis. This is that in your face waking you up like a strong cup of coffee music from the “Bad Boy of Pop”. Well Pop is alive and breathing with this Durham, North Carolina bread music phenomenon.

Even R&B Legend and producer Devante Swing from the group Jodeci said quote: “Straight from NC, Yn3 is definitely next.”

Yn3 has surely crept into our hearts by simply giving us the Soul of the south, Melodies of the future and endearing content that reminds us of our musical forefathers. But with a new twist of Funk straight from the dusty porches and crowded liquor houses that this talented young musician comes from.

Recently losing his daughter’s mother to a tragic suicide Yn3 wanted to do something to help mental health so he decided to change the feeling of his music to a more meaningful, feel good experience. His detailed colorful life experiences come full circle on hit records like ‘Broken Love’ and ‘Last Laugh’. But his fun and feel good side comes through on bangers like ‘Columbia’, ‘Party Till Dawn’, ‘Get Up’ and ‘Relax Let Go’.

With an international sound like no other that appeals to people of all ages and colors Yn3 is what you get if Bob Marley, James Brown and Jodeci had an offspring.

So sit back and mix your liquor and Sip Ya Tea to some Yn3.


Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/justcallmeyn3

Facebook- https://m.facebook.com/YungYungYungN

Twitter- @yung_yungn_xo

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