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Endearing, enchanting & honest, Ena Fay returns with ‘I Can Feel It, Too’ – Featuring the stunning lead single, ‘How Can I’

“Getting to the very heart of each and every listener, Ena Fay’s emotional delivery has a way of warming you from the inside out.”  FLEX

“It is evident that Fay has boundless creativity and authentic storytelling, which makes it very easy to like her.”  When the Horn Blows

[18th June 2021] Emerging Irish-German singer-songwriter Ena Fay returns to reveal her latest heartwarming musical project, the ‘I Can Feel It, Too’ EP, which features the brand new focus track, ‘How Can I’. Lyrically impassioned and sonically inviting, ‘I Can Feel It, Too’ perfectly captures Ena Fay’s iconic vocals, theatrical nature and love for classical instrumentation.

Sure to maintain her success, this release follows on from Fay’s previous singles Augustand Tie My Hands,’ released in 2020, alongside the emotive,  love inducing ballad Because I Carewhich was unveiled in March of this year. All three of the songs appear on the six-track EP, which also includes two new singles and a spoken-word interlude.

“The truth is, we all know how it feels to be confused, unfulfilled, or to keep wanting more. For myself as a person, I have found out that it is so much better to speak about how you feel rather than trying to figure it all out by yourself. Also the positive feelings, of course. This is what I am promoting with my new EP ‘I Can Feel It, Too’. As they say – sharing is caring. Not just for the other, but also for yourself. We find ourselves living more passionately.”

Classically composed, sincerely written and passionately performed, ‘I Can Feel It, Too’ is an incredible body of work from Ena Fay and a clear indicator of her growth and evolution as both a songwriter and vocalist. Boasting a serene, and almost haunting sonic atmosphere throughout the project, ‘I Can Feel It, Too’ is consistent with Ena Fay’s catalogue of ethereal and otherworldly songs which are purposely constructed in order for her vocals and intimate, emotion-filled lyricism to shine through as the primary focus.


Enchanting. Ethereal. Emotive. Three words that music blog ‘FLEX’ uses to describe Ena  Fay’s single release ‘Because I Care’ on 26th March 2021. “Detailed with Ena’s unique and alluring tone, her vocals have subtle essences of early Kate Bush and Irene Skylakaki combined, making it unique, memorable and authentic”, Purple Melon music blog have to add. Currently based in London, UK, the Irish/German singer-songwriter is making waves and pushing boundaries as an independent artist.  

With her fans being a part of the journey every step of the way, she is now putting on a  crowdfunded concert to celebrate the release of the second EP ‘I Can Feel It, Too’, which is coming out on Friday 18th June 2021. After putting on her own event with the 5-piece  band in Belfast at The Crescent Arts Centre in Summer 2019 already, London is eagerly awaiting this concert to finally happen on the stage of the iconic clubroom at The Bedford  Pub in Balham, home to the likes of Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith.  

The live music side being an incredibly important part of Ena Fay’s artistry, the latest release ‘Because I Care’ just had to include a live music performance video, which received 50 individual pieces of press support across 30 different platforms, such as  ‘Music Crowns, ‘Caoba Records’, ’When The Horn Blows’ and ‘Broadway World’. The theatrical side of her stage performance was also recognized earlier already by Wilton’s  Music Hall, one of the oldest grand music halls in the world, who invited Ena to take part in their Music4All festival for Emerging Talent 2020. This has now been postponed to 2022  due to the pandemic.  

For now, please look forward to the upcoming live performance in South East London on  Wednesday 23rd June. With lyrics like “how can I let you go, I want you too, would miss you so”, Ena Fay will gladly welcome you back to the wonderful live music scene and introduce you to her musical world of care, hope, and, of course, wanting more.  

Photographed by Veronika Mills

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