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DON KING JR: “Presto Chango” from the upcoming album – “Unadulterated”

Eccentric hip-hop standout DON KING JR will release his “Unadulterated” project across select digital retailers this Christmas. In the meantime we caught up with a couple of tracks to be featured on the new upcoming release. Between explicitly sharp punch lines and fantastic beats with good flows, “Moisture”, “Get Money, “Crack Rock”, and the latest release, “Presto Chango”, will definitely catch you on first listen.

Lyrically, there is definite brilliance peppered throughout, the themes are really raw and street – sex, drugs and money. DON KING JR has got an easily identifiable voice and his verses are impressive as he switches between styles. Beyond the songs I liked immediately, the others are subtle enough to keep growing on me with each listen.


Each song seems to continue an evolution compared to the previous one, and luckily for us we get to reap the benefits. DON KING JR has a deft rapping style that switches up often enough within “Presto Chango” so that whenever you start to feel comfortable he brings something new, either musically or lyrically. The beat is crisp and not overly mixed, allowing the listener to focus on the lyrics and musicality.

DON KING JR works well over almost any type of beats. He shows that he is different in a good way, and he separates himself from current day rappers. This man knows how to choose beats and knows how to get smooth over them, as he mixes style and substance in equal portions.

Judging by the songs heard here, the “Unadulterated” album promises to be straight fire.  Every song bangs and there is nothing soft. It goes hard from start to finish with no slow songs for the ladies and that’s the way it should be. Streetwise rappers should stick to hardcore rap and R&B singers should do the same. Nowadays when a rapper drops his album they try to mix the two and it only makes there album soft and steals the fire from it. For the moment it doesn’t seem like DON KING JR is ready to fall into this trap just yet!


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