Dj Xtra Large (Feat) A-Game – “Sunday On The North”

A-Game brings his a-game. He puts his life as an average young American into hip hop musical terms and will not be denied.  His musical influences range from Jay-Z, Tupac, Kanye and Pharrell.  A hard working artist, he will stop at nothing to get to the top.  While some artists are all talk and no action, A-Game has delivered over 300 performances coast to coast.


A-Game is on the Dodge City Music Group roster. The DCM Group has been going since 1992, with special attention to music and quality, making them an industry leader in independent music distribution.  For them the music always comes first, as they constantly strive to exceed expectations.

Dodge City Music Group now presents A-Game with “Sunday On The North – Dj Xtra Large (Feat) A-Game”. The track is everything I expected it to be. A-Game didn’t disappoint with this release as it showcases an excellent body of work by great upcoming artist making his mark.

This banger is raw and unrelenting with A-Game’s gravelly flow taking center stage. This track is nearly flawless with A-Game punching the listener in the throat with his delivery. Immediately establishing himself as one of the most interesting young artists in indie hip-hop. The beat is also stellar as each component brings their absolute best in every verse, hook, and bridge.

A-Game twists and turns his words so that every time you hear them it’s a fresh and intense experience, reminding me of a very young Tupac back in the day.

All round, the Dodge City Music Group, Dj Extra Large and A-Game have done excellent work. The beat, the flow and the vibe are all on point on “Sunday On The North – Dj Xtra Large (Feat) A-Game”!


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Dj Xtra Large

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