Distortion of Events: “Dying Density” – Brilliantly intoxicating for anybody who loves this genre!

While the American entity now known as Distortion of Events had existed in experimental and theoretical forms for some time previously, it was not until late in the year 2010 that its first output, the four-song Inclusium demo, became a reality for composer and sole member Michael Lubert of Patton, PA.  September of 2011 saw the release of the debut album Congeners, presented under Lubert’s own platform label, Zodarion Records.

Composer and sole member - Michael Lubert
Composer and sole member – Michael Lubert

Subsequently releasing more albums and EP’s, Distortion of Events reached an exclusive agreement with the German net-label Black I.P Studio through which the Self-Mythos EP was released in 2014. Now Distortion of Events has triumphantly returned in 2015 with “Dying Density”, a new full-length album, this time released exclusively under Zodarion Records and featuring cover artwork by Jilaen Sherwood.

Distortion of Events’ music moves the body and the intellect with equal efficacy, and “Dying Density” is definitive of that sound. Michael Lubert brilliantly holds forth with multi-dimensional layers of percussion, keyboards and spoken-word and ominously sung fragments. It’s not meant to be a dancefloor-friendly album by any means, but it has a great sense of forward motion, urgency and aggressiveness to most of the tracks.

Distortion of Events’ EBM, electro-industrial, or whatever you want to call it themes, has now evolved into an even noisier, harder edge electro sound on this album. The beat is grinding, the melody filled with aggression and the vocals are portentously sinister. There’s never a dull moment here. However there is no in-between ground with music this intense, you’re either in or out.

DoE have several damn good recordings under his belt, including his last two releases, but “Dying Density” is Michael Lubert’s definitive statement on industrial strength. Hardcore enough for headbangers, dark and techno enough for industrialists…and your parents will hate it more than your metal CDs!

The album artwork by Jilaen Sherwood
The album artwork by Jilaen Sherwood

Every track this album spews into your face is just another heavy assault on the ears after another. Opening the right way, “Zero Hour” showcases the use of a catchy beat together with synth noise and whispered growls. “Laxaria In Sakria” is built louder and faster than the opening track, getting the proceedings into a higher gear. Things progressively slow down just a little with the almost grunge-metal sounding sludge of “Bromide”, I’ve no idea what the lyrics actually mean, but this mid-tempo jam is awesome.

Distortion of Events builds up a sonic tank, armed to the teeth with grinding synths, relentless beats – all welded with pure visceral wrath, and an engulfing warmth which is rare in this genre. It’s alluring, whispered vocals and nasty drilling rhythms combine with the efficiency of a machine into your consciousness. The centerpieces of the album are  “Anthropic”, “Rotten Earth” and “Plasma Drone”, which are just cathartic energy translated into music – stunning, to say the least. Other cuts that deserve mention include “Thought Collector” and “Despise Your Demise.

The music is hard, pretty dark and foreboding, and never lets up. It’s like taking heavy metal music and adding synthesizers and various electronic beats and mixing it in a blender. Only you’re listening to it while the blender is on!

Brilliantly intoxicating for anybody who loves this genre!


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