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Denzel Woods: “ADHD Too” displays brilliant wordplay, style, and storytelling!

Five years down the line and there’s a new kid on the block revitalizing some old themes. Bronx-born Denzel Woods, sets an old K.Dot track alight with his personal take on a song he cleverly calls “ADHD Too”. Five years in the technological era is a very long time indeed when you take stock of all the changes at hand since Kendrick Lamar released “A.D.H.D” from the “Section 80” album.

Denzel Woods
Denzel Woods

It’s refreshing when an artist comes along and displays brilliant wordplay, style, and storytelling and doesn’t rely on great production or catchy beats to mask over mediocre lyrics that you get in mainstream hip-hop these days. Even though he has that too!

Denzel Woods spits straight from the heart and does not ask for approval from anyone or anything. A lot of artists are losing the ability to create music like this because record companies are taking too much control to the point they can’t be artists like they want to be.

Denzel moves around on his own steam, so he allows himself to say the things he wants to. There will be many comparisons made to his peers especially to Kendrick considering the source material, which is impossible to ignore.

denzel-woods-300bHowever, it takes a special talent to address serious themes, tell real stories, and keep the audience expectation level high at the same time, but when, like Denzel Woods, you’re able to drop a line such as “They popping x (Xanax) and e (Ecstasy), I don’t like when niggas put words in my mouth!” You know you can get the job done.

Denzel Woods is a skilled emcee operating with polish and sophistication willing to do what it takes to bring home his message. A smooth, sultry beat backs up his powerful rhymes. Free of style, with no label pressure, Denzel is able to put his best foot forward.

He has a great lyrical and storytelling ability which is something that is lacking in current artists, and he uses all of it to the best of his ability on “ADHD Too”. This track signals a deep, insightful, and great delivery of character. You can download this for free at Soundcloud, so don’t miss out!


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