Death Industry: “Slip Away” – All The Metal You Can Handle!

Three of metal’s Big 4 has weighed in with new albums in the last few months going back to Slayer’s Repentless, followed by Megadeth’s Dystopia, as well as the new Anthrax. Metallica supposedly has new music in the works too. So this genre is back on the rise in the big stadiums, but on the underground this stuff has always been going on and Death Industry is a prime example.On latest single, “Slip Away”, Death Industry sounds fresh, energized, confident, and completely poised, allowing Cell to shine on this song written with his voice in mind.

death-industry-rtd-400Death Industry has basically taken the melodic elements of rock, mixed them with the hardcore swing of metal and a mature thrash style, and given the whole thing a modern approach that manages to sound both nostalgic and brand new at the same time.

It’s classic heavy metal, its old-school thrash, it’s modern groove, but what puts it above and beyond is that it has this underlying, very subtle mainstream rock sensibility that allows Cell to fully embrace his potential as a singer across the board.

“Slip Away” is a great welcome back of Death Industry, who is in fine form throughout, since his last releases. This is metal and it has all you can handle – the hard riffs, banging drums, solos, and vocals, sung, screamed, and growled.

This is what being in this genre should sound like. There is so much energy it feels like it is oozing out of the song.  It’s aggressive, raw and angry with soaring choruses throughout. If you are a fan of this genre grab this one.

MORE ABOUT: Death Industry is a mixture of electro, hard rock, metal and industrial. The one and only project member, Cell, was born in Germany, and lives in the USA. He writes all lyrics, plays all instruments, and produces all his own music.

The instruments Cell uses on his recordings include: Ibanez sound gear bass, Galveston and Ibanez guitar, Behringer C-1 Condenser Microphone, Alesis Q25 Midi keyboard, and Microkorg synth keyboard. While the software used include: Sony Acid 7.0, FL Studio 10, Sonivox, Waves, and many other plugins.


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Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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