Dangerous Rob Featured on Big Bink`s Break Room and Shani Scott & Michael Shawn Show

(Dallas, TX) — Dangerous Rob has seen major success with his latest single release, “I Love U”, and now the Oklahoma native is receiving wide spread notoriety! Today, we’re happy to announce that Rob has been featured on Big Bink`s Break Room, and the Shani Scott and Michael Shawn Show,  which airs on CW33 and Medio 360 Room on YouTube in Dallas/Ft Worth!

On the brink of Dangerous Rob’s “I Love U” single being labeled a fan favorite, the seasoned rapper was invited to join the show to discuss the record and video. Rob highlights the reason behind writing a positive song in today’s world of hip-hop that has garnered so much negativity. He not only explains, but exhibits why he is a breath of fresh air amongst dark clouds that are hovering over hip hop. His message and positivity is desperately needed in today’s climate, and after watching his feature on the show, many listeners will agree.

The link to Rob’s feature on the show is listed below, and please be sure that you follow Big Bink`s Breakroom on YouTube, and Shani Scott and Michael Shawn on CW33 and 360 Media Room in Dallas/ Ft Worth.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/live/fFXrZaIkPp8?feature=share

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