D-ROC: “UNIVER$E” – opening himself to his demographic!

22 year old, Californian rapper, D-ROC has dropped his 3rd mixtape, which is entitled “UNIVER$E”. D-ROC says he strays away from rapping about money and jewelry, concentrating on events that have happened or that he has been around in his life. The 14 tracks on the mixtape flows very well, as D-ROC is definitely out shining everyone in his age bracket right now.

“UNIVER$E” is one of those mixtapes that you can just let run from start to finish, repeat, start to finish, then repeat another few times. LIFE [As We Know It] personally is one of my favorites because D-ROC’s lyrics and flow matches the instrumental very well. On slapping on this mixtape I wasn’t expecting anything enlightening but was hoping for some party tracks and plenty of emotional songs. I got a bit of all three and was not disappointed. The reverberating bass-driven track, $RF delivers a gorgeous hook, and YOUR$ showcases an even lower, crunchy synth-bass.

The mixtape cover
The mixtape cover

TIME, again displays some great rhyming from D-ROC, as he switches his flow up and down throughout the track. BLACK HOLE is one of the coolest urban rap songs, as it creates a groovy vibe and swinging chorus sung by D-ROC himself that stays in your head.  BLACK OUT is another standout track. I love the play on words, the intensity, and the old-school, soul-influenced beat. The straight-up, high energy funk track TDBOD, leads into what is probably the best song on the entire mixtape, or rather PILOT$ THOUGHT$, which basically wraps-up all that’s good about D-ROC – smart wordplay, technically on-point rapping, insightful storytelling and creative beat-making.  

Evidently “UNIVER$E” is not only D-ROC’s most accessible set so far, but also a fairly compelling recording. Having released his first mixape at 18, D-ROC is now experimenting, expanding, and opening himself to his demographic – still in carefree, early adult life. It is all about progress and creating his niche. D-ROC is an evolving young artist, mixing the past with the present. His storytelling is gripping and will pull you in. Moreover D-ROC has stayed true to himself and the personal world he lives in. That’s a sign of honesty and coherence, something too often lacking in the rap game!


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