Cynthia Washington drops the single “I Forgive You”

My name is Cynthia Washington, and I’m from Hollywood, FL. I attended; Elementary, Jr. High, and High School in Broward; County. I also attended Community College, and a Private College & Vocational School in Broward County. The schools I attended provided Academic, and Skills, so I can get a productive career when I’m an adult. Later, through the years, the courses that I took in art, singing, and writing, became important and more productive in my life. Also going to Church played a big role in my spiritual life, career and growth by being in the choir and shaping, and strengthening my vocals.

I remember when I was in my 40’s I saw a newsletter saying, By NeilEbanks from Pembroke Pines. So I immediately grabbed the Newsletter and since that day I had been writing, and eventually took some of my poems, and turned them into songs. Sometimes at night words of love, and relationships was ringing in my head and I had to do something with that, so I called Neil Ebanks and we started recording, but eventually he , and his wife moved to Nashville and started a family with their newborn child.

That didn’t stop me, because I knew I had a destiny and purpose in life. Eventually, I was referred to other studios where I recorded an Album called’ Sincere Love’, and I’m now working on other releases, based on relationships, and I’m streaming on different platforms. I also took out time to write a book called ‘Growing Up With My Family’, and it’s now being sold on Amazon, Barnes Noble, and Publishing Company Xlibris Books & Platforms, and my own website.


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