Christian Parker – “Every Passing Mile” – a collection of previously unreleased material spanning the last two decades!

“Every Passing Mile” was started during the pandemic of 2020. Tracking was started in my home studio and completed at SubCat Studios in Syracuse NY. For me, it was a perfect storm for creativity and inspiration and the end result, was a personal achievement. It had been a few years since I released new material, and other musicians were incredibly committed to making this a special record,” says Americana and Folk artist Christian Parker.

Dropping his newest album, “Every Passing Mile”, on January 21, Christian co-produced it with engineer Ron Kecka. The album is a collection of previously unreleased material spanning the last two decades. He centers his music and lyrics around the events and stories of others, simultaneously weaving his own experiences and distinct poetic lyrics surrounding human nature and the human condition.

The album features his previously released hits “Cast A Line,” “Every Passing Mile,” and “Faded Memories.” All 13 songs center on Christian’s masterful skill with the acoustic guitar and give off a Simon and Garfunkel and Bob Dylan sound. Listening to the songs on “Every Passing Mile” is like watching a dance between Christian and his guitar; him being so in sync with his instrument, melodies, and harmonies.

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With 3 and a half decades of music under his belt, Christian Parker has been dazzling fans and music lovers alike with his melodies, rhythms, and lyrics of hope, tension, and emotion. He’s carved out a sound that constantly keeps the listener craving more, with songs that elegantly weave through a tapestry of pensive acoustic and chiming electric guitars with unforgettable hooks. “Every Passing Mile” is the epitome of his craftsmanship, with each song building on the last.

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