Choosing The Right Live Band For Your Event

Having everyone have a time of their life enjoying all the entertainment in your event is a big deal. You want them dancing and having a memorable time. When it comes to music, choosing the right band is everything. Find a good band that fits your budget and expectations might prove to be a daunting task; one that requires lots of patience and research. If you are looking for that perfect band to entertain your guest, then here are some helpful tips we answer with the help of  you should consider before hiring.

  1. Look for a band with enough experience

A band that is still raw in the business might not be a good choice. You need a band that has the expertise and professional experience of entertain various crowds. Your aim should be a band that has performed in various credible venues or are associated with different big clients and music production labels.

  1. Fish for credible references

No other place can offer a bounty of information better than the internet. You can find anything by just a click of a button. Alternatively, you can ask around, read music tabloids, and then go online to see what references you get. Read reviews about a band that you hear is trending. Bear in mind, a band that has little to no good reviews is not a good choice. Here are some more tips here.

The importance of choosing the right live band
The importance of choosing the right live band
  1. Talk with the agent and bandleader

More often than not, bands tend work with an agent. It gives them a more professional image. However, do not just settle on the agent’s word. Talk with the bandleader, and you will be able to note a few things about the band. If the bandleader is socially withdrawn, then that speaks volumes about the band. A good sign would be finding an agent and bandleader who are receptive to working with you, able to customize their presentation to work for your event.

  1. Ask for live videos

One way of knowing if you are getting a raw deal is asking for live footage of the band performing on stage. Many will be quick to give you promo material, but this is more of what they use as marketing materials. The band might have a moving promo video, but their live performance sucks. Live videos will show you their actual sound and performance level.

  1. Find out what music the band plays

A Jimmy Buffet tribute band is still a fine choice, but it might not do justice to your event. People often get bored when they listen to the same type of songs all music. Go for a band that plays different music genres. Have a talk with the bandleader and come up with several options of songs they will play during the event.

  1. Ask the band if they come with their own stage equipment

Having the right sound and light equipment plays an important role in setting the right entertainment mood. In most cases, a band is never complete if it does not have music and stage equipment. However, sometimes what some bands use is mediocre sound and light equipment. For instance, the use of floor monitors is outdated; the in-thing is the use of in-ear monitors that offer a better sound quality. LED lights and lasers are a common choice of stage lighting equipment. So make sure you talk with the band to know if you need to hire this equipment.

You will never go wrong by opting to hire a live professional band to entertain your guests hence the need to make the right choice. The event is professional, and should have everything done at an equal level; never skimping on anything including the entertainment. It will only give a very poor unprofessional look that will ruin your reputation. The right band will keep things lively, fun, exciting, and memorable.

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