Chinese Designer Pal Pang Mixes Art, Design and Music

Chinese designer Pal Pang has a music dream. He is a man who never follows rules. When he creates a space for his work, it is not only about hardware but also atmosphere. He will lead you to somewhere he created, scene by scene with different songs. In the past, no one heard those songs in his heart. Now, those songs come up to be this album.

He wants to share what he believes about art, design and even more. He has admired Yohji Yamamoto, who mixes fashion and music to create amazing scenes and strong characters in fashion shows. Pal Pang’s spatial design always link up with music. Every scene has a song and every song is a scene.

Pal Pang’s latest release is a 2 track set, containing the songs “Driving in the Tunnel” and “Lift to Basement”, on which the artist spent one year working with his team. The set is available in both digital and vinyl versions on the Bandcamp platform.


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