Chames: “Siddhartha’s Revelations” – the amalgamation of intelligent writing and real hip-hop

Chames (Jon Chambers) is a hip-hop artist from Harrisburg, PA. He has been writing songs and poetry since the tender age of 10. Early influences were hip-hop legends such as Jay-Z, Nas, and Rakim. “Siddhartha’s Revelations” is the latest mixtape from Chames, which is inspired by the book Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. Siddhartha’s Revelations is the book told in hip-hop form, using the language and relevancy of today’s generation in order to translate it into a message that can be understood in 2015.

If like me, you have just about heard enough of emcees talking about whose holding the most loot, or looking over their shoulders for the next nigga to bust a cap up their backside, well take a break and tune into something with empowering substance. If you want to hear some good lyrics a little bit of creativity, nice beats and a consistent album with powerful lyrical themes, “Siddhartha’s Revelations” may just be what you’re looking for.

The album cover
The album cover

Chames needs to be recognized for having had the heart to bring some of the finest prose to Hiphop on this album.  On top of that, Chames flows like water, in that his words takes the shape of whatever beat it finds itself in. He is nowhere near your typical rapper; he doesn’t waste time boasting and bragging. He just delivers a swarm of metaphors, punchlines and compound syllables in one huge lyrical tornado filled with words that mean something.

 “Siddhartha’s Revelations” is solid, a piece of supreme thought and execution, which hits a home run from the very first track –  Life (prod. Trooh Hippi). Just like with every word Chames spits, his smooth delivery fits right into the rhythm and melody, which is verified on Freedom Papers Feat. Nick Arter (prod. Harlow), which is one of my favorite tracks on the album. The musical style on All That Matters Feat. Ellis (prod. Jee Juh) is reminiscent of classic R&B, while still providing an updated sound that would fit in any modern nightclub groove. All Night Feat. J – Hunta (prod. J-Hunta) and Last Call (prod. MG) are tunes that will turn heads, not only for the powerful delivery, but for the banging beats. The lyrics go deep into a personal and spiritual context on Sunday , which is another standout track, while The River Feat. Ellis (prod. Tantu) is probably the best all-round lyrical, flowing and melodic track of the bunch.

Having endured the watered down music of recent memory, it is great to hear an album like “Siddhartha’s Revelations”. Everyone who would like to enjoy the amalgamation of intelligent writing and real hip-hop should cop this piece. Here’s hoping that Chames will stick around for a long time to come!


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