Carmane Jones has now dropped his new single “The Drive”

Christian hip-hop is not a sub-genre. It had its start, back in the 80’s alongside the mainstream movement. There is technically no difference between Christian and secular hip-hop. The difference remains in the content – Christian rappers often choose not to swear, to profess their beliefs and to bring a more positive outlook into the music.

It has produced multiple albums that have topped the Billboard Charts, and artists who have a mega following. Christian rappers, seeking to be authentic and open with their faith, have begun to pave a way for a whole new movement within the genre, where positive songs are no longer an anomaly, and faith is a recurring topic.

Memphis Christian hip hop artist, Carmane Jones is working towards becoming one of the unstoppable forces to emerge from the Christian hip-hop community. Jones is far from the preaching type who throws the “Jesus” word around aimlessly, instead he seeks to tastefully temper his messages so that they can reach any, and everyone. Carmane Jones has now dropped his new single “The Drive”, which you should find on all major digital download and streaming platforms.

Connect with Carmane Jones on Instagram: @Carmane_jones and Facebook: Cedric Carmane Jones.


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