Brannon Announces New Record ‘Heartbreak is Misery’ on Hip Rock Records

The long running duo’s latest full-length cements their status as alt-rock torch-bearers.

 In the years since their formation in 2014, Brannon has released a total of six albums, spanning from acoustic singer-songwriter to hip-hop.  But until now, songwriter Jonathon Brannon and singer David Cagle have only hinted at their ability to put together a fully-formed rock n’ roll album.  That all changes with ‘Heartbreak is Misery’.  The album features fourteen of the most attention-grabbing guitar-driven songs you will hear this year.

“This is your moment,” Cagle sings in the memorable opening lines of ‘We Are Powerful.’  The track serves as a mission statement – bold, defiant, and full of gigantic hooks.  On the ensuing tracks, they demonstrate a versatile mastery of the genre, from the moody grunge of ‘Hard Habit To Break’ to the power balladry of ‘Without You I’d Die.’

Brannon invites an impressive collection of guest artists to add their voices.  R Reed makes notable appearances on both ‘Bad Love’ and ‘Goin’ For Mine’ also featuring Bobby John, while the Bowie-nod of ‘Life On Mars’ includes a great guest spot from Erika Schiff.

‘Never Gone’ provides an epic album highlight, while ‘Lie To Me’ explodes with pure adrenaline.  Each track is full of significant moments, right down to the cathartic final notes of closer ‘On My Way.’  Above all, ’Heartbreak is Misery’ is the album that alt-rock fans have been waiting for.

‘Heartbreak is Misery’ is available everywhere 2/3/23

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