Girlfriend Records announces the release of The Badly Behaved’s latest single, ‘Soulless City’ on April the 22nd

Girlfriend Records is thrilled to announce the release of The Badly Behaved’s latest single, Soulless City. The single is set to be released on April the 22nd as a three track E.P., including the Original Version, a remix by the acclaimed German DJ and producer, Lauer, and a Radio Edit of the Lauer remix. Access the Online Press Folder here.

Soulless City was inspired by Alex Proyas’ 1998 neo-noir science fiction film ‘Dark City’, set in an anachronistic city in which no one realizes that they are living in perpetual darkness, and is about life in a desolate, smoggy, bleak, post-utopian world. A key change is used to create a contrast between the sombre verses that represent darkness and the more uplifting choruses that represent light, much like the glimpses of the Shell Beach pier in the Dark City film.

The song was written, composed and produced by Richard von Kalmar. Vocals are by Richard von Kalmar and Stewart Irving. The song fuses an electronic running bassline with a number of complimentary melody lines and a captivating dance beat. The Lauer remixes feature a reversed bassline before the chorus springs into life with a key change. The track was recorded at 116 BPM and Stewart Irving’s vocals are processed through a vocoder in the Lauer remixes.

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