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Avraam Avramidis: “I Thalassa Ts’aggalis sou (The Sea Into Your Hug)” – a complete joy to the ears!

Cretan music artist and Lute instrumentalist, Avraam Avramidis is back with another release entitled,“I Thalassa Ts’aggalis sou (The Sea Into Your Hug)”. Avraam Avramidis, whose roots are divided between Istanbul in Turkey and Nafplio of Greece, has dedicated much of his time learning the Cretan Culture and performing with his Lagouto at live gigs, concerts and shows.  He also had the good fortune to meet Yiannis Ksilouris (also known as Psarogiannis) and Paris Perisinakis, two great mentors of the Cretan Lute (and Cretan Music in general), who helped him to develop not only the technical skills of the instrument, but how to express his feelings through music.

avraam-avramidis-thesea-cover“I Thalassa Ts’aggalis sou (The Sea Into Your Hug)” is absolutely exquisite. The sound is immaculate and as gorgeous as it can be, and Avraam Avramidis is a consummate master displaying expressive sensitivity and technical perfection. The sound is full and rich, and Avramidis’s control of sonority is at times stunning, his tone always sweet and strong. This music is my relaxation and my pleasure.

I found that this music grows on you with repeated listening. It ebbs and flows, and before you know it you’re transported to another time and place, not readily found in today’s world. The fusion of Avraam Avramidis’ influences works surprisingly well, while the low, earthy vocal is an enchanting complement to the exotic sounding acoustic instruments.

This is an instrumental maestro playing with passion, flair, grace and haunting beauty. The harmonious combination of voice and Lute is a complete joy to the ears. If Avraam Avramidis’ mission has been to promote innovation and cross-cultural understanding through the musical arts, he certainly succeeds with “I Thalassa Ts’aggalis sou (The Sea Into Your Hug)”. Here Avramidis mixes the modern and the traditional, breaking boundaries of ethnicity and era. I didn’t understand a single word, but the music simply washed over my soul, demonstrating that there are no barriers for those approaching music with an open mind.

Repeated listening has me deeply appreciating this music more than I thought I would have. “I Thalassa Ts’aggalis sou (The Sea Into Your Hug)” is a definite journey of sound and imagery that unfolds while listening! The music was composed by Avraam Avramidis, who also plays the Lute solo, while the lyrics were written by Manolis Katsifarakis.


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