Antania unleash a new sound “Doom Bass” on the release “The God Complex” via The Triad Recs

Joshua Tree CA Doom-Bass Metal outfit, Antania have been heralded by many metal publications as the inventors and champions of the ‘Doom Bass’ subgenre, and for good reason. Active since June 2023, they’ve shown an undying passion for blackened bass music, with their influences ranging from Author and Punisher, Slayer, Ministry, Deicide, Infected Rain, The Prodigy, Korn, and Morbid Angel (with Dr Luna stating that the album ‘Domination’ and song ‘Where the Slime Live’ had a big  influence on their music.)

After releasing an EP called ‘Lividity’ featuring ERK Aicrag)Antania have dropped their 1st full-length album ‘The God Complex’, further expanding their sound. Anthemic choruses and catchy hooks with heavy AF synths and blackened sub bass abound, and the crown jewel of this album, the first single “The God Complex” title track delivers them in a death bass tour de force.

Photos by Ricardo Hererra

The other tracks on the album contain deep cuts that are still not to be slept on. ‘Angels and Demons III’, ‘D3D Solz’ (best track on the album) and ‘Trophy’, these tracks showcase faster, more technical bass lines, delivering an intensity that’s on par with modern black or death metal, yet this is bass music. The album comes to an end with 3 Days, a song about a female murderer.

They prove once again that they have earned their reputation as the torchbearers of a new genre called “doom bass.” Their sound resembles a Minotaur brooding on his throne in the underworld. Dr Luna’s solo tracks ‘Ritual Carnage’ and ‘Netherlands’ are truly electronic horror. Kali Mortem sounds like you’re being attacked by a chimera. Highly original art.

Grab “The God Complex” now via The Triad Recs

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