Ana & Gene the new dynamic duo revolutionizes with their first hit single called “Narcissistic You” from their new EP

Ana & Gene, known as Anastacia Bella and Gene Roberts respectively, hail from Bartlett, Illinois, along with their band called “The Scene”. With Anastacia Bella on lead and background vocals, Gene Roberts on guitar-lead and background vocals, Buddy Woods on guitar, Michael O’Connor on bass, and Rob Lela on drums.

They revive rock with their new energetic and melodic hit masterpiece called “Narcissistic You”. Starting with its initial success in London, England, the song has made its mark across Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, South Africa, and now globally. It’s part of their new EP, “Uh-Oh Who Do You Love”, which was released worldwide on Jan. 14, 2024, through Eugana Records LLC.

Pop star Gene Roberts, originally from the Bronx, New York, has seen some of his music go gold over the years. He met renowned researcher and singer-songwriter Anastacia Bella in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic on Facebook. Anastacia Bella possesses a unique, powerful, edgy yet sweet, and sultry voice, while Gene Roberts has a powerful, airy tenor and falsetto voice. Their voices complement each other, creating beautiful and magnetic harmonies.

They decided to write, compose, produce, and sing together, blending genres of pop and rock to create sub-genres like pop rock, power pop, pop punk, soft pop, modern classic rock pop, country rock pop, and the new tropical country rock pop. It’s a unique and interesting blend of music accessible to all. Their music consists solely of live elements, ensuring that their stage performances match their recordings. Additionally, being involved in the music and film industries, they tailor their music for radio, TV, commercials, film, and all social media platforms.

They are currently gearing up to release another single, promising a mind-blowing sound of Tropical Country Rock Pop, a fusion yet to be heard. Keep an eye out for Ana & Gene with The Scene at venues and TV shows near you.

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