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5 Tips to Maintain Vinyl Records

Vinyl is obsession for many, and the sweet sound that it produces is incomparable. Gramophone and vinyl records are classic, and we all know one thing about classy things, they are high maintenance, those who own records know it very well. So, if you have been recently fascinated by them and want to start owning these ‘handle with care babies’ then here are some important steps to take care of them like a pro. Even if you are an experienced person, learning some new steps will definitely be beneficial, right? So, read on.

  1. Proper Storage Is Important

Properly storing your vinyl records is one of the most important factors to increase its lifespan. It’s not rocket science, just a few easy things to keep in mind, never store vinyl records horizontally one on top other because it damages the grooves, keep it vertically and that too not very tightly, there should be enough space. Always keep records in their sleeves and you can even use an extra outer sleeve for further protection. Being extra cautious is always rewarding.

  1. Regular Cleaning

Even if you don’t use your records that often, make sure that you take time out every now and then to do a thorough cleaning of all of them. To clean your records, use a brush to remove dust or get a carbon fiber brush to get the job done nicely. You can use cleaning fluids as well, you’ll get lots of options online. If you have a huge or priceless collection that you want to safeguard for a long time, then invest in a record washer or record vacuum cleaner. You’ll get all of those and much more at vinyl vintage.

  1. Using Records Cautiously

Whenever you want to make use of your prized possession, be cautious. Handle the records carefully, touch only the edge and inner label, keep your hand steady while cueing and manually putting the needle on the record. When you have to remove the needle, keep patience and first make sure that the record has stopped spinning, then carefully remove the needle. All these measures will ensure that there are no scratches on the records. After using the record brush, it nicely and put back in its sleeve.

  1. Protect from Damaging Factors

There are so many factors that can cause damage to your records. While proper storage, handling and cleaning will keep a lot of possible damages at bay, there are a few other factors that you have to take care of. You should keep the records away from extreme humidity as it can cause fungus to grow on the records and damage it. Also your record storage area should be away from direct sunlight and extreme heat as there is a risk of the records getting warped. Choose a dry, cold place away from sunlight.

  1. Handling Stylus and Turntable

Manual turntable needs extra care while handling as it has the stylus that you have to place and lift whenever you decide to enjoy a soulful session. Always be gentle while dealing with the stylus. Remember, never to move or shake the turntable while playing a record, that is sure to give scratches and therefore degrading the sound. If you are not good at handling the stylus and end up damaging a lot of records, then switch to an automatic turntable. It will give you the same result and will keep your records safe!

Keeping and maintaining vinyl records can be difficult and tiring but if you love it, then it’s worth it. Don’t compromise on its maintenance. Learn to blend some smart work with the hard work following these easy steps and you can be rest assured that your valued possession is getting the care that it should. Let the music play!

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