Zandrah Mereborg’s “(Always) You”: A Mesmerizing Journey through Love and Longing

Self-assured and poised, Zandrah Mereborg takes the stage with an exquisite blend of poetic artistry and captivating vocal prowess. Her celestial voice dances effortlessly atop the rhythmic percussion and shimmery synth pads masterfully crafted by the talented Argentinian producer, Diego Gabriel Oviedo Bustos. Their serendipitous encounter occurred in the vast realm of the internet, when Zandrah, armed with her brother’s music equipment, embarked on recording Swedish covers. Fate intervened, and Diego became the visionary behind the chilled production and melodies, while Zandrah herself penned the lyrics and delivered the messages with ethereal grace. This seamless collaboration has birthed a series of EDM-Pop gems that showcase Zandrah Mereborg’s immense talent.

In her latest single, “(Always) You,” Zandrah once again bewitches listeners with an enchanting musical offering. The song’s chilled and smooth vibe provides a mesmerizing backdrop, allowing Zandrah’s deeply personal and introspective lyrics to shine through with resounding impact. Complementing her celestial voice is a soulful male vocal, weaving a call and response dynamic that enhances the narrative’s emotional depth.

Zandrah Mereborg

At the core of this project lies the sultry vocal cords of Zandrah Mereborg. Her honeyed timbre takes center stage, while the glistening mellow beat and the tender male vocal provide a lush foundation, resulting in an intoxicating and immersive sonic ambience in “(Always) You.” As always, it’s effortless to surrender oneself to Zandrah’s sensitive vocals and become entranced by Diego Gabriel Oviedo Bustos’ spellbindingly chilled soundscapes.

The song lyrics of “(Always) You” unveil a tale of longing and introspection. Zandrah poetically reflects on waking up and remembering, struck by the realization of distance—a distance akin to a tempestuous storm—separating her from a love lost. She compares this person to a minefield, his words lingering like explosive remnants in her heart. Her vocals soar, expressing both desire and confusion, as she yearns to understand this enigmatic presence.

In response, a soulful male voice enters the scene, expressing the conflicting emotions of a heart torn apart. He recounts the act of walking away, leaving her in doubt and loneliness. Memories of their shared joys cast a shadow of uncertainty, as he questions the authenticity of their connection. Yet, despite his intentions to move on, she remains firmly entrenched in his thoughts, an ever-present figure in his mind.

Zandrah’s introspection continues, her voice echoing vulnerability and a sense of longing. She admits to feeling incomplete, confessing her deep entanglement in the complexity of her emotions. Without this person, she feels lost and adrift. Yet, amid the ache, a glimmer of hope emerges—a desire to heal and grow together.

The chorus resounds with poignant repetition, expressing the profound impact this person has on Zandrah’s psyche. They exist within her thoughts, an inescapable presence that both torments and enthralls her. Their influence causes her pain, yet she remains unable to resist the allure, clinging to the belief that there may be something more, even if it was merely a dream.

Zandrah Mereborg’s musical journey alongside Diego Gabriel Oviedo Bustos continues to captivate audiences with its fusion of compelling lyrics, celestial vocals, and entrancing melodies. “(Always) You” stands as a testament to their artistic synergy, inviting listeners into a realm where vulnerability and self-discovery intertwine.

As Zandrah’s voice resonates with elegant nuance, she unravels the intricacies of the human heart, leaving an indelible imprint on the sonic landscape. With each release, Zandrah Mereborg solidifies her place as a rising star in the realm of EDM-Pop, enchanting fans and critics alike with her profound artistry and celestial charm.


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