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Zalex – “Come Alive” – The quality can really be heard in the sound design!

Every once in a while an electronic track jumps out of the pack that is so imaginative and dynamic that you have to have it immediately, and this one is hot as hell. Although there have been a few tracks over the past few years that have turned me on, “Zalex vs The Chainsmokers – Let You Fall (Zalex Bootleg)” is a deliciously wicked track with a slightly twisted, dark edge that I love. It’s big and cinematic in scope, with just the right amount of tasty melodic falsetto, unlike so many electronic tracks these days that numb the ears with repetitious and bombastic effects. This trance meets dubstep flavored reworking of The Chainsmokers“Let You Go” by Zalex, is one Bootleg that deserves to be a monster hit.

ZALEX-COVER“Zalex & Kassy – Come Alive (Original Mix)”, perfectly captures the essence of upbeat electronic, dance floor orientated music, moving into the pop culture. As a listener I can appreciate how Zalex maintains his complex style while moving the music in a more accessible direction on this track. “Come Alive” is an EP that’s crafted from pure awesome – that is, the original mix Come Alive” featuring Kassy, and the Bootleg remix “Let You Fall”.

“Come Alive” is an excellent addition to anyone’s collection of electronic music. Zalex seems to have a slightly darker, more mysterious edge compared with other popular electronic music producers out there. His music is extremely well produced and put together, with mesmerizing beats and interwoven layers which will make you see the genre in a different way.

The music is not lacking the maturity that some of his more experienced peers like have shown recently, instead it is rich, powerful, smart, unique, catchy, exploratory, energetic, and, in this EP’s case, very direct in targeting a particular feel. Zalex deviates from the mainstream Trap Crap that’s been plaguing the electronic world lately. The quality can really be heard in the sound design. The mixing, sampling, and even intimacy of imaging is amazingly well done. Zalex is a stellar up-and-coming producer, and a wonderful artist all-round. The “Come Alive” EP just has a lot of positive vibes that flow together very well.


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