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Young Pyro: “7.22” – will have you bobbing your head and bouncing out of your chair!

Young Pyro is a 20 year old hip hop artist born in Brooklyn, NY that now resides in the DMV. He is also a founder of the music group called The Grammy Family. After releasing his debut mixtape, “Respect This Hustle” hosted by DJ Tati, Young Pyro is back with a new EP “7.22.” The EP released on July 22nd and marks Young Pyro’s birthday. The EP boasts production from Producers such as Nard & B, C-Sick and more.

The album cover
The album cover

It seems almost too good to be true. On “7.22”, Young Pyro has come a long way, in a short time from his debut. His flow and lyrical game are incredible, like nothing you would ever dream he could be capable of. Though Young Pyro largely stays within the usual rap topics, he makes a much larger effort to expand upon it, rapping a lot more about personal experiences in the rap and street game, while never forgetting the rims and the ladies. Songs like “In A Minute ft. Cvm Quest (Of BreezePark) [Prod. by C-Sick]“, and “The Difference ft. Young Crazy [Prod. by Nard & B]” really display this.

The beats on tracks such as “722 (Intro)[Prod. by Frankensteeno]“, “Swang Wide ft. Mike Take Flight [Prod. by Track Slammerz]“, and “Super Saiyan Freestyle ft. BlueFyll [Prod. by Vybe Beatz]“, among others, will have you bobbing your head and bouncing out of your chair. My personal favorite tunes are “Figa$ [Prod. by Owenob]” and “Anything She Want ft. X [Prod. by Nate Rhoads]”.

Young Pyro
Young Pyro

Once again Young Pyro comes with some of the hottest soulful beats ever. The beats, the rhymes and the flows are very on point; it didn’t take long to figure that out, as the intro really gets you into the whole EP very quickly.

Young Pyro’s choice of guest performers is also spot-on. His flow on this EP and the chemistry with the producers and guests takes his game to the next level. He has an impressive tone, rhyme scheme and wizardry with consonant sounds that is effortless.

To say this is Young Pyro’s best production so far, would be an understatement, with “7.22” containing some of the most solid rapping I have heard from Young Pyro. Literally every song on the entire “7.22” EP adds something new or different. Give it a chance; you will not be disappointed by this EP!


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