Yashae: “Will You Be Home Tonight” – lush and nothing short of captivating

Yashae is a singer-songwriter who is aiming to spellbind people with her sultry sound and refreshing take on urban music. She started penning songs from as early as seven years old. A former competitive Indian dancer and a staple in local pageants, Yashae was born and bred in Jamaica. Her lyrics and musical style are reflective of her Caribbean roots, while she embraces Hip Hop elements into her compositions to create a rich and dynamic sound. Fresh from recording her debut single “Boomerang” with the Grammy-nominated production duo KUYA, the Jamaican songstress is ready to make her mark with a brand new, bittersweet love anthem, entitled, “Will You Be Home Tonight”.

This song is one of the best songs she has done to date and really does feel very emotionally intensive. Lines such as “No LA, no more trips to Miami, you’re gone,” or “And I wonder where you are tonight,” and “Are you still with her, are you alone?” tell a story as honestly as possible.

Yashae’s voice is so powerful for these sort of lyrics and fits them so well that it is impossible to hold back the emotion that will inevitably fill your chest. This is a magnificent studio outing for Yashae with some incredible backing instrumental work and gorgeous vocals that makes for a very strong Pop/R&B track. “Will You Be Home Tonight” seems to be born out of some sort of immaculate musical conception.

Yashae’s voice is, quite frankly, massive. Watching her music videos shows an enthusiasm and lack of self-consciousness and pretension rarely seen in her peers, and a closer look at some of her songs shows a hugely impressive range of voice and styles.

While she generally sits comfortably in your average vocal range, every once in a while, Yashae’s lets loose, and her voice absolutely soars, without hesitation or any lack of power. And it’s not just talent alone that carries her, it’s also her songs, and “Will You Be Home Tonight” offers those deep lyrical reflections which allows Yashae to expand on her vocal nuances and tones.

The bright synth riffs and catchy hook-laden lyrics make it an instant winner, with the chorus that keeps it simple by boosting the song’s best aspects to an even higher level. The beat and the song arrangement is lush and nothing short of captivating. Dipping out of electronic territory for a moment, a simple chord progression drives the melody and rhythm on the verse, allowing for Yashae’s vocal register to shine through.

Anyone skeptical of her legitimacy should listen to “Will You Be Home Tonight”, an ultimately confident and unapologetic step in the direction of a true artist. Yashae is easing into musical maturity, and its results in her most compelling work to date.


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