Weston Simonis: “Party Life!” – a musical hay-maker to the head!

Award-winning singer-songwriter Weston Simonis, an active wildland firefighter and Kajukenbo black belt, has just about done it all. He has played to sold-out crowds in his home town of La Grande, Oregon, and has performed at the Vans Warp Tour in Boise, Idaho. He won the International Publisher Awards for Music Best Indie Alternative Rock Album 2016 with his album “MOMENTS OF INTOXICATION”, and was the Power 91 Artist of the Month for September 2017. During the same year Simonis had his music licensed via Songtradr, K-Digital Asia Sync and Media Net. Last but not least, Weston is a founder of Team Musician, helping artists around the world to collaborate musically and in the realm of the music business. Weston Simonis also has his own record label – Audio Star Productions – which he launched back in 2010.

Party Life! Mug

Weston Simonis has now dropped his brand new latest single, “Party Life!”. Simonis truly knows how to utilize heavy rock guitars and pop influences over thick, fiery lyrics coming at the ears of a multitude of listeners. “Party Life” again, has that incendiary delivery of a musical hay-maker to the head.

While he is able to combine the efforts of rap and rock, he paints a picture of his grind as well, as infusing the track with his usual tongue-in-cheek sexual innuendo. Simonis shows a variety of emotions with an incredible performance, proving that he can rap as well as sing his trademark dirty rhymes.

Weston Simonis has been practicing a certain form of dogged determination and sustained patience for his chance at the limelight. And in so doing has extended his repertoire considerably over the years, incorporating a more urban groove while still carrying a heavy pop-rock grunt.

He is able to deliver a blend of styles from the in-your-face hard-partying rocker who loves to chase women, and just have a flat out good time. And then you also get the Simonis, full of soul, a surprising element of humility, and lyrics dripping with an appreciation for love and life. And because of that eclectic approach, one that’s clearly evolved over time, I’ll always be fan.

A scene from Moments of Intoxication

More often than not he surprises you, as you never know which version of Weston Simonis you’ll get on each subsequent record release. The only things you can be dead certain of, is that each song is well-thought out, both lyrically and musically, and that it will never be just another banal track.

Simonis always manages to infuse some form of extravagance into his tunes to make sure it has that ‘wow’ factor. “Party Life!” is just another example of that fact. Press play and you’ll be surprised how Weston sings the melody, and rhymes, over a busy electric guitar solo and a strumming acoustic six string. Sound improbable? Check it out!

A note of interest for dedicated fans, is that Weston Simonis has been shooting footage for the music video of “Moments of Intoxication” in California. So that’s something to look out for.

A scene from Moments of Intoxication

MORE ABOUT WESTON SIMONIS: A native of the Grande Ronde Valley, Weston Simonis has been on the local music scene for many years. Simonis has been the front-man for several bands over the years, including Drive By, Hopeless Endeavor and The October Sky.

As front-man for the band Metal Under the Influence, Simonis and his band mates won the ‘Battle of the Bands’ contest then went on to participate in the Warp Tour, playing at both Boise State University and Eastern Oregon University.

After high school, Simonis went on to study at Full Sail University in Florida, known for being one of the best multimedia institutes in the nation. Working with music producer Michael (Wolf) Reaves (Metallica, Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake), Simonis gained the skills needed to open his own recording studio in La Grande.


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