W4V3S: “Gone” a vocally-driven EDM production with just the right amount of sonic pit stops

W4V3S is a 15 year old high school student that creates electronic music and DJ’s in his free time.  His single, “Gone” cuts no corners. From the first moment to the last, the young producer brings you through ups and downs, using all the tools at his disposal; a vocally-driven EDM production of the sort that is all the rage right now; a signature instrumental, and the flex of his laid-back persona. Cohesive and balanced, the song takes the story-telling route with just the right amount of sonic pit stops.

Between both ends of the EDM and Electronic spectrum, there is middle-ground between W4V3S in your car and W4V3S in your club – A balance of styles that results in a crossover electro-pop track such as “Gone”. Nothing on this track is either a crude pastiche or a heavily sterilized version of something that’s been done many times before.

The single cover
The single cover

No big hooks, steady builds and powerful breakdowns. No sense of epic grandeur.  No affinity for the stock formula. Instead W4V3S drops all the usual EDM pretense. He delivers a song that is catchy, smart and stylishly elegant.

W4V3S is living proof that you do not need aggressive music or bad words to make a great record. This track, while in the EDM world – has incorporated elements and into the music that is radio friendly. I’ve always said a good pop song is one that sticks in your brain and keeps you either singing the chorus or humming the sounds constantly.

W4V3S has done that here in spades. He’s obviously very young, and just starting out, but talented and at the moment he does not sound like the culmination of every big EDM artist that we have heard in the past few years awkwardly molded together. And that’s a good sign of originality.

The thing that I feel that makes W4V3S different is that his songs are more than just a song with a cool beat. His songs weave a nice story-line in them, with simple words, which is something that I enjoy. Great synth lines with beautiful melodies is also something W4V3S does as good as anyone and “Gone” is full of it.

It’s really refreshing to know that there are talented young artists out there who are intent on creating their own styles and finding their own musical pathways. And W4V3S is definitely one of them.


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