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w3sr0x: “Mèmoires” Confirms That True Rap is Poetry in its Leanest Form!

w3sr0x is an 18- year-old Asian Rapper born in Lubbock, Texas and currently living in Las Vegas, NV. He has recently released his 12-track album titled, Mèmoires”. The dude is fairly phenomenal. You can tell that he poured everything he had into this album because each and every track is a piece of art for such a young rapper. I don’t mean that in a pretentious way. I mean to say that I can listen to each track and feel something different coming through, each time. They are all quality tracks. w3sr0x is a poet, no doubt about it.

In the beats department you can hear that they have rich melodic and harmonic work, making them better than the kind of commercial hip hop beats found scattered around the web. The mix is well done and all the instruments and voices have their rightful place with a good dynamic range.

The majority of the production here is top notch. w3sr0x uses a lot of diverse production features like guitars, pianos, strings and enchanting female vocals to match his offbeat, laidback storytelling style. People everywhere are growing tired of the banality and repetitiveness of the rap culture and swaggering flows that currently dominate the airwaves. In that respect, w3sr0x emerges with an album stamped with the anger, depression, love, respect, and slowly emerging hope.

Flashy slogans and quick punchlines are replaced with vivid storytelling; as w3sr0x showcases focused imagery while interacting with cinematic samples and speeches, bringing them into their own on a backdrop of eclectic soundscapes. He clearly has so much to talk about!

w3sr0x’s beats do not possess the mechanical quality commonly heard in today’s hip hop. His beats are dense, layered, smooth, soulful, and peaceful. And they never grapple for the listener’s attention with the lyrics. This is a sign of great balance.

 w3sr0x constantly reaffirms my belief that true rap is poetry in its leanest form. He weaves a story every single time he opens his mouth with a laid-back, yet fiery-when-he-needs-to-be lyrical genius. It is almost silly how good this album is. Anyone who has a passion for underground, intelligent rap should take the time to listen to Mèmoires. From the unusual jazz-laden beats to the touching lyrics w3sr0x hits it right on every song.

There are many particularly good tracks on this album; however my personal favorites are, “Revelations”, “Gold”, “Dead Presidents”, “Eve”, “Reflections” and “Rise Of A King”. All throughout though, the album has incredibly moving lyrics and beats that lull you into a chilled-out trance. Definitely a great album for late night chilling!





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