Vasilis Pittas Releases his latest track “Goodbye”

If Vasilis Pittas wasn’t an independent music composer, he could easily be making a comfortable living, sound-tracking television and film montages. To say the Athens, Greece based, music maestro has a penchant for the atmospheric and dramatic, is an understatement. From the triumphant horns and propulsive percussion, to the sweeping strings and shimmering keyboards, Vasilis Pittas’ compositions have the ability to make any visual sound thrilling and enchanting.

Vasilis Pittas

Such is the case with his latest single, “Goodbye”, which seeps into you and whispers life affirming messages while simultaneously caressing your soul. Vasilis Pittas simply explores the extent of human auditory sensory perception, using it as fertile ground for creating a mood and emotion.

Most successfully, Vasilis uses a rich mélange of dynamic sound design and melodic sensibilities to construct an arrangement that manages to be delightfully easy on the ear. On “Goodbye” he employs a lush melodic progression across a bed of inspired string work, which delivers an underlying message of poignancy.

While new age influences are clearly present here, the balance between complexity and elegance in the composition is perfect, offering music that’s both propulsive and still laid back. “Goodbye” is not only a beautiful listen, but one that’s timeless in every sense of the word; between the classically-driven orchestration and the lush cinematic musical world it places the listener in.


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