Upcoming project “Más Nervioso” – SvltGoddo tape coming soon!

SvltGoddo is a 24-year-old Mexican artist out of Topeka, Kansas. He has been writing music since the age of 14. He has released a mixtape entitled The Grand Salt Goddo Tape”, which can be found on YouTube and SoundCloud. His latest project Más Nervioso is set to release soon, featuring smash singles like “Blade,” “Too Cocky,” “Give a F,” and “Goddo This Goddo That” that have already been dropped.

SvltGoddo is also working on a, for now unnamed, brand new mixtape. He states that he will also be changing his flow and rap style on this new recording, delivering a hungrier and grittier side of SvltGoddo.

“I see rap as a sport,” says SvltGoddo, continuing: “I try to give you a catchy beat but I am also going to tell you how I feel, or maybe I’m just giving you bars and rhyme schemes to impress the hip hop heads. I love Hip Hop and always will. SvltGoddo wants to be mentioned with the greatest of rappers, not just
known but respected as a lyricist.”

Be sure to follow @svltgoddo on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

Music Streams: https://li.sten.to/SvltGoddo

Stream SvltGoddo “Whos Goddo (Whats Poppin Remix)” on YouTube: youtu.be/UoBJw8MfXoo

Contact SvltGoddo via email: tristangomez96@gmail.com

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