$unny with the dollar sign – “No Direction” – an artist following his own template!

$unny with the dollar sign, is 27 year old artist, originally from Illinois but relocated to Denver. $unny has a growing catalog of releases, with his latest being the 12 track mixtape, “No Direction”, now available on all major music platforms. The mixtape is a collage of $unny with the dollar sign versatility that was long hinted at on his previous releases. The recording is blistering with skittering Hi-hats, steady handclaps and brooding basslines perfect for any open-minded listening environment. On top of it all, $unny flaunts a myriad of flows and melodic twists, to keep the listener engaged.

Yung Guch, Zo, Yonna and Keef Judo have a brilliant chemistry with $unny with the dollar sign on these tracks, as the sing-song deliveries play well against the rougher streetwise vocals. Throughout, it almost sounds like $unny is rapping directly in your ear, which is definitely intentional as his voice is as much of an instrument as the beat. On my first listen, all of these tracks definitely stuck out to me.

Overall, “No Direction” is a step in the right direction for $unny with the dollar sign, as delivers slower bangers and energetic songs while showcasing himself as an all-embracing artist, without compromising the mixtape’s cohesiveness and enjoyment. He comes out strong with the opening track, “Leave With Somethin”. Built on a futuristic bounce, $unny weaves his narrative through the creaks of the groove.

As $unny with the dollar sign moves through “Dopey” ft. Yung Guch & Keef Judo, “Steady” ft. Yung Guch and “Go Off” ft. Yonna, his voice is contrasting, cutting deep with its low-toned resonance, but also soothing and easy on the ears. In the background, the harmonies and hooks show the first signs of the melodies that will brilliantly come to the fore on this mixtape.

The mixtape continues with the taut bassline of “Go Off” ft. Yonna. The two artists work well together, and the juxtaposition of their voices is astounding. “Anemic” ft. Yung Guch presents a combination that not only works, it works incredibly well. The hazy, psychedelic R&B melody sits perfectly in slow groove. The mesmerizing flow on “Cash Cow” ft. Zo shows yet another facet of $unny with the dollar sign’s skillset.

It is so easy to reach in blindly on this mixtape, and pull out a well-produced track with a great feature appearance and $unny with the dollar sign at his lyrical best. Such is the case with “Say Some” ft. Yung Guch, “She Say She”, ft. Yung Guch and “Dat My Baby” ft. Yung Guch. A triad of songs that deliver a ton of vibe, groove, hooks and catchy melodic flows. $unny and Guch put their own distinctive styles on these tracks.

The two collaborators use their voices and flows to keep things fresh. The changes in tone and the switched up melodies throughout the verses don’t keep us waiting for the hooks – which is important because then the hooks become an added bonus to an already catchy set of tracks.

The flute-tinged instrumental crossed with the high-pitched melodic delivery and the gravel-voiced flow, on “She Say She” ft. Yung Guch, results in a knockout track.  This is followed by the alternative keyboard vibe, and fast-flowing lyrical raps on “Café Vibes” (Interlude). As we move to the end of the track-list, things get more soulful and forward-thinking on “Looking For Some Pressure” ft. Yung Guch.

The mixtape finally closes with “For Some Money” ft. Yung Guch, which is wrapped in exotic Middle Eastern sounds. $unny with the dollar sign is an artist following his own template, offering an original kind of sound and aesthetic. It’s a synthesis of elements, like the wild melodic experiments, the creative exuberance of the beats, and $unny with the dollar sign’s potential as a rapper, songwriter, and especially a voice that is totally refreshing in the current rap landscape.


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