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Unnilhexium: “Legend of the Holy Knight” evokes an ancient world with all of its beauty and danger!

Unnilhexium has abundantly frequented our pages during the last 4 years, as we reviewed the “Cosmic Retrospections” album, the “Out Of The Sky” single and the “Destiny” album. Unnilhexium is a one man electronic symphony who builds huge arrangements under easily-grasped melodies. The atmospheric and epic nature of his music perfectly lends itself to cinematic soundtracks. In fact each of his tracks is reminiscent of scenes from a movie already scripted, or still to be scripted.


Unnilhexium’s latest track, “Legend of the Holy Knight”, is no different and harks back to another era both in tone and title. Unnilhexium’s musical cues are the real reason one should get this track; mystical and dark, shimmering and brooding, a gloriously authentic medieval tune.  Movies often try to use music to manipulate your emotions or experience of the visuals. There might not be a more effective example of what atmospheric chemistry music can achieve, than “Legend of the Holy Knight”.

The music is a perfect blend of melodic beauty and raw power with a huge orchestral sound and lots of wonderful choral passages that range from haunting and slow to in-your-face and over-the-top. Unnilhexium brings a tremendous amount of passion and skill to his task here. He brilliantly combines sweet string melody and choral voices with a full percussive, orchestral sound, to evoke an ancient world with all of its beauty and danger.

Distinctive, innovative, exotic and memorable; I continued to sit through this track, enraptured, as a full electronic orchestra, vibrant brass, exotic and driving percussion, and a choir of voices performed a score that was perfectly suited to the story building up in my mind. All I can say is the music is fantastic! Regardless of what Unnilhexium exactly intended, listening to “Legend of the Holy Knight”, transported me to a long-forgotten time of beautiful princesses, savage heroes and mighty kingdoms.  This score would go perfectly with a movie, but as a standalone piece of music artwork it is simply stunning as well!

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