UNIVERSO is back with an all-new 7-track EP, entitled “NOVA VIDA”!

If you’re looking for power-packed, uplifting and passion-fueled tunes, they are here with “Nova Vida”.

In 2013 the Brazilian music project led by Leo Bor rocked us with their self-titled album, which featured a rich blend of power-pop with solid percussion, lavish harmonies, and robust vocals, accompanied by bountiful rock riffs. Now UNIVERSO is back with an all-new 7-track EP, entitled “NOVA VIDA”.

universo-nova-400Musically the Ep contains all of the rich and striking elements already present on the UNIVERSO album. Only this time around Producer Leo Bor has forsaken the harder rock-guitar pieces and infused more melody into the tracks. Meika is once again perfect on vocals, translating Bor’s lyrics into soaring melodies. As usual, Leo Bor takes care of the rest by himself, as he handles guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, pianos, and all other instruments.

“NOVA VIDA” plasters a smile on my face every time I hear it. Of the 7 tracks, each and every one of them is strong, and many are absolute killers. In a much welcome 180 degree departure from today’s overly formulaic, “marketing machine” music, this EP brings us what UNIVERSO is truly about -straight ahead, passion rich rock and pop, complimented by soulful, melodic, heartfelt ballads to complete that perfect musical mix. This EP’s enormous versatility, with a little something that will appeal to everyone, is a prime illustration of exactly why Leo Bor, Meika and the entire UNIVERSO project is so good.

universo-nova-cdIf you’re looking for power-packed, uplifting and passion-fueled tunes, they are here with “Nova Vida”, “Vou Vencer” which also features a scorching guitar solo by Leo Bor and “Possivel”, but if, like me, you are star struck by soulful, stirring and emotional ballads, they’re truly present in glorious abundance, with tracks like “Meu Lindo Paraiso”, my absolute favorites “Eternamente”, “Alguem Quer” and the soaring “Eu Quero Voce”.

In short, there is nothing on this EP not to like, no matter which way your musical tastes tend to run. “NOVA VIDA” is an amazing EP you can listen to clear through if you want to, and that is a rarity in todays’ single oriented “viral” music environment. Especially considering that it is sung in Portuguese. But the music is so good; you won’t even realize that you can’t understand a single word. This is due to Meika’s marvelous vocal interpretations which bring the very essence of each song to the table.

UNIVERSO most definitely set the bar high in artistic communication: great playing, singing and solid production that nods to the perfect pop-rock production values popular today. Whether you’re a UNIVERSO fan or not, you’ll definitely enjoy “NOVA VIDA”, and I guarantee that some of these tunes will get stuck in your head! Highly recommended!



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