Twizm Whyte Piece: “A Different Breed” – delivered with the precision of a homing missile

Twizm Whyte Piece Aka T.w.p. is an Award Winning Artist, Performer, Radio Owner, International DJ and CEO of Twp_fcr247, an umbrella for a host of companies. This driven musical entrepreneur whose name means –T.he W.orld IZ M.ine is also known as “Whyte Piece” or “Mr. Super Saucy. Twp has released a handful of albums already. Now in 2017, this father of 5 kids, bounces back with his brand new album entitled “A Different Breed”. The first thing that comes to mind when listening to this album, is how many rappers fail to impress after a couple of releases –  they have no idea who the fuck they are. And as such drag listeners around dead-end streets while they fake street cred and spit unlikely rhymes that have nothing to do with their persona.

That has never happened to Twizm Whyte Piece on any of his releases, and continues not to happen on “A Different Breed”. Here we find ten tracks breathing with authenticity and straight from the cuff storytelling, because above all else, Twizm is a storyteller, a narrator of events, experiences and thoughts.

He doesn’t pluck lyrical themes from out of nowhere just to impress with his flow and wordplay, he drags them out of his soul so you can feel the emotion and sense the adrenalin too – resulting in an album that stands out from the crowd and sees Twizm Whyte Piece become a proud spokesman for a culture that isn’t always respected in the hip-hop world. What culture? Pay attention to the lyrics and you’ll work it out for yourself.

Bust just reading or listening to the lyrics don’t do them enough justice. It’s Twizm’s impeccable delivery and cadence that makes each syllable sound like an atomic bomb. As every other Twizm Whyte Piece release, this album reads like a manifesto of a man releasing the demons he’s had bottled up for so long.

Sometimes they come out in the form of isolated hard-hitting lyrics, other times in a sequence of verses. Being an Arizona born, Indiana repping, and Toronto-based artist, probably means that Twizm has accumulated a variety of demons along the way!

While you could never accuse Twizm Whyte Piece of playing to any formula, or pandering to any commercial logic, he has a sense of quality control, though everything he does is governed by its own internal logic — it’s just a matter of whether or not you agree with him on it.

If you don’t, he wouldn’t give a shit anyway. If you however respect Twizm’s progression as a musician and wish him luck on his journey to artistic self-actualization, you will be pleased with this album.

On “A Different Breed” his bars are delivered with the precision of a homing missile, showing flashes of stylistic brilliance as he rides standout tracks such as “Bright Lightz”, “Party Don’t Stop”, “The Last Moments”, “My Time”, “My Mind” and “The Fall Of Angels”.

All-round this is an exciting listen that refuses to settle in one place, and it’s home to many well-written and engaging tracks of a personal theme that instill an expectation that Twizm Whyte Piece is still very much on the way up.


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