TRUTHR – “Ain’t Trippin” – a refreshing intersection of styles!

Born and raised in Northern California, and now based on the East Coast, TRUTHR is making his way into the scene with catchy melodies and words that take the listener of guard. TRUTHR is a rare artist in hip-hop that seems to choose producers whose music always seems to mesh perfectly with his flow. His chosen beats and flows, all allow the listener to travel on the type of rap journey you don’t get too often in today’s music scene.

Once again, on his latest single “Ain’t Trippin”, the beat is smooth and groovy, fitting TRUTHR’s melancholic and sunshine blended flow. The all-embracing, jazzy and soulful music, provides the perfect bed for TRUTHR’s luxurious rap style to propel the song just that little bit further. The rapper’s wordplay and lyricism come shining through.

“Man should be judged by the content of his character. Man shall not blindly believe in false narratives. Everyday day I pray to the great spirit for clarity, so don’t you confuse my confidence for arrogance,” raps TRUTHR. His tone and timbre is laid back, but sanguine, as he spits his own truths and observations, unashamedly and without restrain.


The East Coast based emcee gives the impression that he can rap over anything and anyone, whether it’s crackly, surrealist beats, or room-filling grooves. Neither his pen nor his personality shies away from the challenge to keep building his momentum. In this last year alone, TRUTHR has been quietly paving out his lane in hip hop and putting together a solid and underrated discography.

A beautiful piano sample and horn is looped into the production, which makes “Ain’t Trippin” silky smooth. TRUTHR further solidifies himself as one of the more interesting rappers in the new wave of hip hop right now on Alfredo. Personally, this is one of my favorite hip hop singles releases of the year and I’m confident that it will remain in my top five.

“Ain’t Trippin” is sonically rich and flavorful, creating a perfect atmosphere for TRUTHR to deliver his core talk sensibilities and sharp lyricism.  TRUTHR flows effortlessly; each bar segues into another seamlessly, and the imagery he presents to the listener is incredibly vivid. The track is yet another example of the many masterful and sleek flows TRUTHR provides.

The rapper makes full use of the vibe-inducing and soulful instrumentation, and gets very introspective, thoroughly touching on the topics that he needs to get off his chest. I doubt there is a beat TRUTHR can’t slaughter with expert, thought-provoking lyricism, or a sonic formula he can’t create that won’t leave you grooving with satisfaction.

It’s rare in today’s climate to have a track spot on, with not one lyrical verse lacking, and the mellifluous hook chiming in your ear. TRUTHR is able to bring both elements to the fore with equal importance and impact. Overall, both hip-hop purists and new wave enthusiasts can rejoice and enjoy a solid effort with “Ain’t Trippin”. It’s an unexpected, and refreshing intersection of styles.


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