Tony Vegas: “Midnight Hideaway” ft. Destiny – perfectly balanced tempo, contrast and instrumentation

Tony Vegas is an Australian DJ producer, currently based in Budapest has had three successive TOP 10 songs on the Beatport chill out chart – “Daydreamer”, “Clock Tripper” and “Crystal Waves” which hit the #5 spot. Tony who is signed to Baci Recordings (the #1 label on Beatport in the chill out category) and has just joined the Seal Island Records team as well, focuses his style on nu-disco, indie house and chill out.

“Midnight Hideaway” is the eighth release for Tony Vegas, and features the start of a partnership with the singer, Destiny (US). She was called because of her wide-ranged, soulful vocals. The song, explained Tony, is essentially about a meeting a captivating partner who takes you away and shows you new exotic sides to love and life.

Tony Vegas
Tony Vegas

In a world full of musical crap out comes this little work of art from the ever so charming Tony Vegas. I can only say Tony is severely underrated. He is an artist who is honest in ways that are both beautiful and at times show great humility through his music.

Here he takes an introspective and more intimate approach to this song which serves as an expression of his sincere observations of passion and love. “Midnight Hideaway” is like opening a book and reading a story.

Only, this is sensuously sung by Destiny, so reading won’t be necessary. You can just close your eyes and be taken away by the sublime and sophisticated sounds, which also make use of the in vogue, midi vocal notes.

Many of you may be familiar with Tony’s previous work, but this track is a real treasure with its warm sounds. It draws you in with a gritty heartfelt bassline, a gentle but thumping rhythm, and Destiny’s unique singing voice. It’s one of those tracks that deeply resonate with a listener because of its simplicity, yet perfectly balanced tempo, contrast and instrumentation.

“Midnight Hideaway” is captivating throughout and has been carefully crafted and paced. The accompanying infectious melody works well together with the rhythm, to create a full and balanced sound. For those who delight in danceable tunes without all the boisterous electronic energy and ‘noise’, this track is the perfect medicine.

Tony Vegas is skilled in melody and his hooks lend themselves to uplifting but ‘chilled’ dance music, resulting in another one of his mesmerizing tracks. Surely this one is ready for the Beatport charts too!


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