Third Realm: “Deranged” – an insanely energized, distinctive and addictive sound

Third Realm has received international recognition through club/radio play, film placement and has shared the stage with some notable bands such as Psyclon Nine, Dawn of Ashes, Voltaire, Aesthetic Perfection, Panic Lift, Surgyn & VOWS. Known for an eclectic style, Third Realm in the form of frontman, Nathan Reiner explores the elements of several underground electro genres resulting in a diverse mix of sound. Third Realm has consistently put out groundbreaking music, which includes their latest album, “Deranged”.

Nathan Reiner
Nathan Reiner

This is by far Third Realm’s most accessible album. Every track will click-in first listen with dark melodic rhythms and beat-box grooves. The sound is very huge with complex layers of synth, samples and some guitar treatments -enough to keep your hearing senses entertained and curious through the entire album. And when you reach the end, you’ll want to start it all over again.

The album is a brilliantly layered combination of their early stylings with even more modern production and studio tricks thrown in. It is a perfect mix of staying true to their style, but incorporating new ideas, not just a re-hash of old ones.

This music is constantly driving and rhythmical while Nathan Reiner’s voice melds perfectly with the music, his lyrics wrap around the sounds as inseparable organs in a system of a song. With the proper commercial push this album could be way up there, in the charts.  It’s equal parts Dance, Rock, Industrial, Synth-Pop, Goth, Dark-Electro, and god only knows what else. So just about any electronic-based chart will do -no fear!

From the moment the hard-hitting “Broken Throne” opens the album, you realize it is so catchy, it’s almost pop sensible. I find this refreshing, so many industrial purists avoid anything with hook and groove just because it’s not industrial enough. This work is so broad and influenced from so many directions its crazy. At the same time it’s very original and one of the most enjoyable listens I’ve had in a while. If you’re at all interested in electronic/industrial or whatever, “Deranged” is one album you cannot miss.

The album cover
The album cover

And if you’re still convinced, don’t take my word for it, dive into tracks like “Deliverance”, “Elitism of the Underground Scene”, “Heart Attack” or the album’s lead single, “Sick Mind” featuring vocals by Aoife O’Leary of Moth Complex! Crunchy, racing tunes against some of the best vocals we’ve heard from Nathan Reiner. This album doesn’t miss a step; it vaults over both pop and industrial, into an insanely energized, distinctive and addictive sound.

And just when you think Third Realm have run out of surprises, tune into “Denial”– a beautiful and ever-building, meditative slow jam that opens on an acoustic guitar intro. Then switch directly into “Immortal” for a dark, crunching and grinding electro-anthem experience. However, regardless of the timbre of each sonic onslaught, the common denominator on this album is that every song is extremely tuneful, with very intelligent and thought provoking sounds.

The overall effect is infectious. It gets into you, and you have to listen to it over and over again. It is intense, melodic and hard-edged without ever being cheesy. In any project Nathan Reiner is involved in, he always delivers strong work and “Deranged” is no exception.


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