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The Magic Unveiled: Gianluca Zanna’s ‘Mystique’ Sets EDM Abuzz

Gianluca Zanna, a multifaceted artist hailed for his prowess as a songwriter, music producer, and CEO of Zanna Records, unveils his latest instrumental EDM masterpiece, “Mystique.” Born and bred in Rome, Italy, Zanna’s musical odyssey traces back to his formative years steeped in a mosaic of influences that encompassed familial serenades, cinematic symphonies, and the discovery of an escape through music during his time at boarding school. Imbued with a passion for not just creating music but also lyricism drawn from his affinity for classical poets such as Ovid, Catullus, and Petrarch, Zanna’s journey was punctuated by self-discovery. He found solace in crafting his own poetry, which seamlessly evolved into the poignant lyrics that now inhabit his compositions.

The trajectory of Zanna’s musical odyssey took a stark turn amidst the structured confines of the Convitto Nazionale boarding school. It was here that the seeds of his musical destiny sprouted, where the sterile environment failed to stifle his creative spirit. Instead of chasing soccer balls, young Gianluca found solace in the enchantment of music—an escape to realms far beyond, fashioning melodies and penning lyrics that echoed his innermost thoughts. His influences included Giorgio Moroder and Jean Michelle Jarre.

Gianluca Zanna’s path to musical revelation coincided with an unexpected discovery—a trove of forgotten instruments nestled in the school’s attic. Armed with determination and an insatiable hunger for musical expression, Zanna embarked on a self-taught journey, mastering the guitar, bass, and drums. The influence of revered record producer Brian Reeves, renowned for shaping the sounds of icons like Donna Summer, U2, and Billy Idol, was pivotal in sculpting Zanna’s sonic vision. Reeves now enriches Zanna’s productions with his cutting-edge mastering work on a number of tracks.

While Gianluca Zanna’s collaborative ventures, notably with Claudette Lyons in Love In Sedonia, have been garnering acclaim, Zanna’s solo endeavors have remained a testament to his singular artistry.  “Mystique” stands as the latest testament to his creative ingenuity. Crafted under his meticulous guidance, with the arrangement by Andrei Murariu and the mastering finesse of Brian Reeves, this instrumental EDM opus is a testament to Zanna’s singular vision.

What distinguishes “Mystique” is its ability to straddle the realms of both the dancefloor and the introspective dreamscape. It possesses a magnetic quality that serves as a gateway to a transcendental sonic realm, a sanctuary from worldly woes.  At its core, the triumph of “Mystique” lies in its universal appeal. The melodic architecture seamlessly bridges generational gaps, making it not just a club anthem but also a sonic companion for solitary moments at home. The melodic motifs of this song came via a dream while Zanna was playing on the beach on a desert island

“Mystique” unfolds as a blissful sojourn, effortlessly weaving surging chords, animated basslines, sweeping synths, and rhythmic momentum into a seamless tapestry. Its allure lies in its duality – simultaneously tranquil and pulsating with an infectious rhythm that beckons the body to move. The ethereal blend of breathy pads and a captivating keyboard lead melody creates a tapestry of sound that is as delicate as it is vivaciously entrancing.

In “Mystique,” Gianluca Zanna presents an amalgamation of sonic elements that are an evocative testament to his ability to transmute sounds into emotive and soulful experiences. His mastery is evident as he invites audiences on a mesmerizing journey that seamlessly merges the realms of the tangible and the transcendental.

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