The Haze Project releases “Bruises in the Rain” from the upcoming Ep “Deeper Down”

After years away spent traveling, Alex Hayes, who inspired the creation of The Haze Project, has returned with a new release: the single “Bruises in the Rain” from the upcoming EP “Deeper Down.” Alex partnered with Blaine Jones (Communication Union), founding member of the group and producer of the project. Blaine describes the music as “a New Wave voyage through layers of subconscious tracks.”

Let’s face it; there are a multitude of electronic bands wreaking havoc on the music scene today, and believe it or not, it has always been that way though not so centrally in the U.S.A, or even the UK. To fully understand electronic music without perusing the biographies of such pioneers as Buchla and Moog, you need to send yourself back to the dawn of the era, in Germany and Belgium, and explore some of the first and attempts at man using machines to speak their musical language.

The-Haze-Project-coverBack when Kraftwerk were cranking out their staunch beats, and other bands emerged with creative vigor unlike anything previously heard. Certainly it didn’t quite have the technology that the more current electro which invades our minds and ear drums with, but rest assured it had energy!

The Haze Project falls somewhere in-between the two electro eras. Theirs is not paltry, glassy-eyed, flat-response electronic music. “Bruises in the Rain” has that very organic analog synth quality that few other electronic artists have successfully achieved during the few years. The song develops well, sometimes slowly, sometimes right away, but is instantly infectious in its own right.

The Haze Project has managed to create alternate universes while simultaneously haunting you right here in your own living room. This is one of those tracks that you listen to once….and then maybe later that day, or the next day, you put it in again, and certain hooks or phrases will pique your memory and take you back to the new wave era, while others will remind you of the current techno club stuff.

Not as dark as Depeche Mode, or as danceable as Erasure and never as glossy as David Guetta, or as trendily abstract as The Aphex Twin, The Haze Project tread a territory that circumnavigates all of the above and moves into new ground, where offbeat sung and spoken phrases meet insistent synth lines and banging drums.

You can’t really decipher everything there is going on here after one sitting, and I don’t think somebody could truly make up their mind about it after just hearing “Bruises in the Rain” once. With so many dull and lifeless electronic releases clogging the shelves these days, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t give The Haze Project a try! Moreover it’s a FREE DOWNLOAD!!! Go get it now on GOOGLE PLAY

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Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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