Talented Brooksville Artiste, Sammy G300 Releases New Single, ‘Controlling My Emotions’

The release of “Controlling My Emotions” follows the unstoppable success of recent singles “On My Mind’’ and “Bump My Grind” which together has over 20,000 listens on Spotify only. Their videos on YouTube also hit over 15,000 views.

As an up-and-coming US artiste, SammyG300 has been confirmed as one of the most talented artistes to hit the music scene in recent times in spite of industry saturation.

Thrilling, smooth and heartfelt, ‘Controlling My Emotions,’ is a love song to a girl who shares mutual feelings but has someone in her life just as he has someone in his. The song pushes the narrative that is relatable to every person who has ever fallen in love with someone that they shouldn’t be in love with.

‘Controlling My Emotions’ is a classic that triggers mixed feelings of love and betrayal in view.  Accompanied by clean vocals with catchy lyrics, Sammy G300’sControlling My Emotions’ is soul music that can be enjoyed by anyone in spite of their genre preference.

Still in his early 20’s and with over 5 singles to his name, Sammy G300 provides a sound that is raw, innovative and already accomplished, with a unique take on modern R&B, pop, hip-hop and neo-soul.

Sammy G300’s voice is seamless and organic, combining his distinctive vocal approach.  Originally from Brooksville, Florida, Sammy G300 was born as Samuel Garner and his musical prowess started from when he would sing in the local choir and lead praise in church.

Across his formative singles, Sammy G300 has written with startling candor on young love, identity and struggles. Stripping away music’s artifice while keeping true to its giddiness and excitement is Sammy G300’s special gift and he allows nature to inspire his music.

Working hard towards joining the pantheon of international singers, his positivity, energy and talent won’t let him settle for anything other than greatness and that is what he puts into making all of his music.

Listen to ‘Controlling My Emotions’ across all music platforms via https://ffm.to/cmes

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