Super Star On The Track – “A Star Is Born” – A Natural-Born Killer on the Mic!

Super Star On The Track always had big dreams, no matter the situation. Growing up was different, even though he had a normal life and a family who saw things in a dissimilar light: high life, cars, luxury, the finer things in life. He grew up with both of his parents and two younger sisters. His dad helped coach him when he was in hockey and, also on a baseball team. They would often play golf and go fishing.

His dad was an alumnus of Northwest Missouri State, so when he was younger, his dad would often take him to football games. Super Star On The Track went to Florida a couple of times for state championship games for Northwest. He participated in sports, but he didn’t have a lot of friends.

Super Star was somewhat of an outcast and stayed to himself a lot. He had always been an out-of-the-box kind of person and had been shown the struggles and wins on both sides of the spectrum. So his view on a lot of things was usually pretty different. Music had always been on his mind, but he never thought he would be a Hip Hop artist.

In September of last year Super Star On The Track brought his 7-track project, “A Star Is Born” to the table. When packaged together, his music is a unique style of storytelling, lyrical rap and high-octane deliveries with many modern musical twists geared to put him on many playlists.

From the very first time you hear his music, it becomes clear that Super Star On The Track is not your average rapper. There is a lot to be said about what he’s doing, both on a technical and on a thematic level. Performed over original sounding beats with their own aural and emotional quality, his lyrics are deep and poignant, but he can be brash and outspoken if needed.

Super Star On The Track opens the project with the track, “Yeah We Gonna Win”. His powerful voice, combined with his lyrical ability and rhyming skills, quickly come to the fore. He hides clever punchlines in resonating tones and a percussive cadence. “Now I’m Back” is a crushing and soulful anthem with a big booming beat that eventually gives way to the urgent and abrasive vocal on “Monsta”.

Super Star On The Track takes a cerebral approach to his flow on “Game Time”, drifting in and out of the pocket to deliver hard-hitting bars with a supreme knack for wordplay. “Cullian With The Stars” emphasizes the approach taken on the previous track, as the rapper sets a dynamic delivery in motion, jumping across the sonic spectrum with abrupt flow switches.

This leads us to “Champagne Toast To The Sky”, where Super Star On The Track turns up the energy dial, his voice echoing across the track, as every word hits its mark like an expert marksman. On the mic Super Star On The Track is a natural-born killer.

His flow is distinctively his own but reveals a deep connection to some classic emcees. By the time Super Star On The Track closes the show with “Big Bosses Coming Through”, it becomes clear that he’s a sharp lyricist, adept at relaying vivid scenes and holding listeners in the palm of his hand.


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