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Stori Brooks: “Commentary Album” anecdotes, truths and insights!

That Stori Brooks is a forward thinker has been very clear to us, since listening to her “Say Hi” track produced by Big Cat Music, a few months back. On the track Brooks had great lyrics, and combined a unique flow and delivery with a semi-singing/talking approach that worked extremely well for her. Experimental and accessible at the same time, the chill ambiance and smooth dreamy flow mixed perfectly.

Stori Brooks
Stori Brooks

This avantgarde, experimental and alternative hip hop artist is a voice that will appeal to the genre’s heads and deep thinkers, as Stori Brooks delivers intelligent almost poetic lines, which sometimes can also be cryptic. Like many greats before her, you sometimes have to hit replay and listen again, to pick up her lyrical gems.

Often listeners don’t get the exact gist of a song that an artist is executing. At others, they love to understand why and how a track was created. Or why certain samples, voices, effects or words and phrases were used in a song. Most times these are questions that will go answered and we are each left with our own interpretation, which is cool. But what if we had that one undeniable anecdote or truth about each song, the explanation that could only come directly from the songwriter and narrator?

Well Stori Brooks has done just that. She has published a collection of anecdotes in the album, entitled simply the “Commentary Album” which gives listeners her personal insight into songs from her catalog. If you’re a fan of her music, then this is essential listening. If you’re not a fan yet, then this album will help you understand this artist and her musical creations, and just maybe make you inquisitive about her craft.

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