Stacks G – “Giuseppes & Gelato” comes out swinging!

Donte Butcher better known as Stacks G is an artist from Ravenna USA. He has just dropped his seven track project, entitled “Giuseppes & Gelato”, featuring Ralph and Lil Bishop. Stacks G handles everything more or less awesomely, routinely delivering standout-yet-natural hooks and maintaining confidence and energy throughout. He’s a talent. From the first track, Stacks G comes out swinging, and never lets up until the end. The lyrics play with clarity over booming bangers sporting prodigious amounts of low end, punctuated by keys that nudge the drums.

What most impresses me about Stacks G is his songwriting ability. It stands out to me from both a storytelling and technical perspective. He constructs rhymes very well around the beats, and has a knack for building vivid imagery, too. The thing that may surprise people if they really listen to Stacks G closely is that there’s an ocean of depth beneath the surface level of his voice. Today some music feels cloned and assembled, while others feel hand crafted, “Giuseppes & Gelato” falls into the latter category. There’s a quality to this release that suggests Stacks G will only keep improving over time.


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